Beautiful weather and a lovely view

Hello Dear Reader,

We’ve removed and recycled the sink in what was the flat upstairs, fetched plasterboard and wood to make a dividing wall. DB has done most of it. I’ve scraped walls, painted and had a good clean up and taken stuff to the tip. 

Me and the four legged friends have had loads of walks and the weather has been lovely. We spent yesterday with friends on holiday near by so not everyday is a workday. I’ve home cooked every day and we’ve stuck to our budget, we’ve even continued to shop at Lidl here too. We’re also keeping an eye on our renovation spending so we can tally how much we spend on each room.

We have a day out planned at the weekend to a huge charity shop having a ‘grande vente’ and we’ll hopefully come back with some cheap household items. I keep thinking, I could do with this or that but want to keep the costs under control. It might seem thrifty for the sake of but old habits die hard.

Until tomorrow,

Love Froogs xxx


9 thoughts on “Beautiful weather and a lovely view

  1. It’s been fun following your adventures. Just to be clear was the house originally three flats?
    Why did you combine first and second floor? Will you be renting out downstairs or the third floor?


  2. Looks like it’s all coming together now and you’re really enjoying being there, it’s a lovely house in a lovely area. Enjoy your trip to the charity store.


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