Turning a kitchen into a bedroom 

Hello Dear Reader,

The top floor of our house was originally an independent two room plus bathroom studio apartment. Last summer, DB cut a hole in the floor and built stairs. Today, the kitchen is being removed, the plumbing will be shut and blocked off, the wall made good and it will become a bedroom in a full days. 

This lovely old sink has been removed, and yes, you have seen correctly, there is a socket above and below the sink. That’s not uncommon in France but my sensible British health and safety head just thinks this is all wrong. 

We also have a dividing stud wall and door to add  before the space becomes and independent room. Our summer trips will about building another wall and balustrade around the stairs. Our aim, this year, is to have two walled off separate bedrooms upstairs. 

I’ve been on the ground floor chipping rock hard lumps of glue off the kitchen ceiling. It’s stuck so firmly that I’m removing it with a chisel and hammer. 

DB has a friend helping him and the guidance has been invaluable as someone who knows what they are doing can save you hours of head scratching and swearing! 

The dogs have loved their mid morning and mid afternoon walks and the weather is really mild in the daytime although cold enough at night to need the stove lit which is just what I’m about to do before I prepare supper.

Until tomorrow,

Love Froogs xxxx


6 thoughts on “Turning a kitchen into a bedroom 

  1. Another busy time! The house will be so nice when you are finished getting it the way you want it. Is it John that is helping? You will miss them when they move! I have a blogger friend in New Zealand and I noticed on facebook that she ‘liked’you. What a small world!


  2. It is normal to electric sockets very near the sink in French and German houses. You don’t need such a long dangling flex for your electric toothbrush! I love the French porcelain sinks. Aren’t we lucky with the weather here in France at the moment and for the next week.


  3. I sympathise with you having to chip away at that ceiling. I’m in the middle of removing swirly Artex style wallpaper from my sitting room ceiling. Yup, a previous owner wallpapered the ceiling!! It’s a pain, but the resulting (largely) smooth ceiling is so much better already, even beforet a coat or two of paint.
    Only problem is, now that spring’s here and the odd sunny day I’m desperate to get gardening, so decorating’s put on hold. Oh well, there’ll be enough rainy days in coming months, so it’ll get done in the end.

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