Lunch with friends

Hello Dear Reader,

We’ve had a very leisurely day! Sunday lunch of roast loin of pork with all the trimmings, a few glasses of wine (£1.50 a bottle, I’d be rude not to) and lovely company. We never do any DIY or work on a Sunday as people just don’t do that here. When in Rome……….

A few hours of putting the world to rights, laughter and chat, I feel extremely well rested.

Here’s the downstairs of our home; it’s still work in practice but it’s fine for us. It’s doesn’t have to be posh; we don’t have any curtains yet, few pictures on the walls and we keep it plain and simple. It all gets packed away when we’re not there so nothing gets damp as we don’t heat it when we’re not there. 

It’s really spring like here but not warm enough yet to not heat the place so the wood stove has just ticked over in the background and it also keeps the place dry. 

This evening, we’ve walked the dogs and come home to a cosy house and we’ll watch a film later and get an early night. We really catch up on sleep while we are here and often sleep nine until nine. It’s so quiet. At home, we live about 250 metres from the A38 and there is a contant drone of traffic day and night so it’s never quiet. Here, I go to sleep listening to owls hooting and wake up to bird singing. 

It’s a lovely life.

Until tomorrow,

Love Froogs xxxxx


12 thoughts on “Lunch with friends

  1. It certainly IS a lovely life that you’ve built for yourselves. I’m 66, so it’s too late for me, but I wish examples like you and DB had been around 20-25 years ago. But you remain an inspiration if not to totally duplicate your life, at least adopt as much as applicable. Thanks!

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    • Please don’t say it is too late for you. I had two relatives who gave up when they were in their 60s and the next 20+ years of their lives were not pleasant just because they decided it was too late. Hurts my heart to think of another woman doing the same. Just start where you are now that you have the example and make the changes that you can and that make sense to you. Find joy in the little things and be compassionate to yourself and others. Drinking tea out of a favorite mug while watching the clouds or simply observing a favorite tree can brighten a day for me. Wishing you blessings on your journey.


  2. It’s sounds like a lovely day. We have also just spent the day eating, chatting and playing board games with a group of friends. What a rich and wonderful life we have built by earning and spending less. I am very grateful for our life.

    It really is about finding joy in the small things in life!

    As always, thank you for being an inspiring voice.


  3. Beautiful table! We own a house on a lake 2 hours away from home and it is our sleeping place too since it is so dark and quiet there. At home we live under airport traffic that we did not have when we bought the house 23 years ago. It is wonderful to be able to get in the car and be there and relaxing in just a few hours. I suggest that everyone try to find a place of peace and refuge to recharge whenever you can get away. Our place is plain and comfortable and not fancy at all which suits us just fine.


  4. I think the house is looking quite comfortable at this stage. It certainly looks more spring like there than it is here, although it was warmer with a little sun today. I try not to do much on Sunday also–not out of any conviction that is special, but just the idea that we should certainly do something besides work all the time!! Today we had the installation technician for a faster internet service –it took a couple hours from the middle of our day, but we are thrilled with the better speed we have now! We needed additional speed so we can think about various money-saving alternatives to the TV service,etc. we have been using. It takes us a while to make up our minds, but this was step #1. To be continued.


  5. I’m trying to get my house and mindset to be of rest and solace. We have vacation home access through a family trust held cabin, so not looking to get a second home, now but the feeling in my home is my goal.


  6. Looks lovely. It is a pleasure to watch your Huelgoat life unroll. Sundays for me are a mix of walking my dog, bit of baking, time in my polytunnel and a read. I love Sundays and try hard not to use the car. I also like plain and simple at home. I leave the clutter at work! The little dog looking up is gorgeous.


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