Lunch with friends

Hello Dear Reader,

We’ve had a very leisurely day! Sunday lunch of roast loin of pork with all the trimmings, a few glasses of wine (£1.50 a bottle, I’d be rude not to) and lovely company. We never do any DIY or work on a Sunday as people just don’t do that here. When in Rome……….

A few hours of putting the world to rights, laughter and chat, I feel extremely well rested.

Here’s the downstairs of our home; it’s still work in practice but it’s fine for us. It’s doesn’t have to be posh; we don’t have any curtains yet, few pictures on the walls and we keep it plain and simple. It all gets packed away when we’re not there so nothing gets damp as we don’t heat it when we’re not there. 

It’s really spring like here but not warm enough yet to not heat the place so the wood stove has just ticked over in the background and it also keeps the place dry. 

This evening, we’ve walked the dogs and come home to a cosy house and we’ll watch a film later and get an early night. We really catch up on sleep while we are here and often sleep nine until nine. It’s so quiet. At home, we live about 250 metres from the A38 and there is a contant drone of traffic day and night so it’s never quiet. Here, I go to sleep listening to owls hooting and wake up to bird singing. 

It’s a lovely life.

Until tomorrow,

Love Froogs xxxxx