Packing for France

Hello Dear Reader,

This time tomorrow, we will all be on the ferry. Tonight, we’re packing, getting the laundry done, cleaning, stripping the bed so we can leave the place as we want to find it on our return. We’ve eaten down all the food in the house and the last few bits will come with us so nothing goes to waste. At this time of year, there is no choice but a night ferry and then we’ll wake up in Roscoff and be in our own home by nine in the morning and will have everything unpacked, set up, warmed up and ship shape by lunch time. In the afternoon, I’ll nip off to Carhaix to get some shopping in Lidl and the rest of weekend will be about relaxing. 

I thought I’d share a few more Huelgoat pictures, it’s a lovely place.

The chaos, which is the name given to the rock formation at the mouth of the forest.

From the chaos back to the town.

The public pool which is run by the commune and a fifteen minute walk from home. Open July and August. We only found it a couple of days before we left last summer.

The chapel at the end of our street and we can see it from home.

The camping municipal which is also run by the commune.

From the air, you can see our daily walk right round the lake.

Our house backs onto the forest and I see this view everyday when I walk back from bakers or with the dogs.

The trip isn’t just a jolly, we’ll be working on the house. As usual, we’ll be keeping the costs to a minimum, doing the work ourselves and repurposing secondhand.

I’ll see you on Saturday in Huelgoat.

Until then,

Love Froogs xxxxx