Help yourself to Huelgoat 

Hello Dear Reader,

Thanks for your lovely comments yesterday. If you’re ever passing through Huelgoat or you’re near by, drop in: there’s always tea and cake x

Above, our view from the house.

We walk in the forest or by the lake every day.

Map made of tiles on the bridge over looking the chaos.

Here, my back is to the forest and rocks looking at the lake. Our house is out of shot but in the top left of the photo.

View of the village.

Winter in Huelgoat- if you know the pronunciation, that’s alliterative.

View from the entrance of the forest.

View of a lakeside b&b. I love the reflection in the lake.

View of the sky from our house.

This is the view when we arrive. The shutters keep the house tucked up and safe when we’re not there. 

It’s a hidden part of central Brittany but, if you get the chance, or you’re on the way back to Roscoff to get the ferry to Plymouth then you really should drop by for a visit.

Until tomorrow,

Love Froogs xxxx


17 thoughts on “Help yourself to Huelgoat 

  1. Can’t wait for our next Brittany holiday in August. We go to Le Guilvinec & may well stop in Huelgoat on our way back to Roscoff. It looks lovely. Although we have stayed in the same place several times (as we love it so much) we always try to visit new places. This year will be Brest, Crozon & hopefully Huelgoat.


  2. What fun to see the post showing a year ago to now and this tour. It has been a rare treat to watch all of this progress going on. Congrats on what is done so far – you have made it look pretty easy and I know it is not! Keep up the good work!! (and the great photography so I can follow along!)


  3. I really miss France, especially the rural aspect and the space. Haven’t been since our son was born ten and a half years ago! Looks very beautiful and with a very special sort of peace that comes across in your photos x


  4. We’ve been through Huelgoat many a time whilst travelling around Brittany. I have to admit it’s one place i regularly look for houses in. We usually travel from Plymouth to Roscoff so Huelgoat for us would be a fantastic base.


    • Nice link through website with affiliates. Huelgoat is lovely. I know the perfect house for sale in Huelgoat, completely renovated with three bedrooms (one ensuite) for 102,000€ , email me for details


  5. We travel through Brittany most years and i have to admit Huelgoat is one of our favourite places. I regularly look on the property websites to see what’s for sale as we generally travel from Plymouth to Roscoff and Huelgoat would make the perfect base. How do you find having a house in the area?

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