Help yourself to Huelgoat 

Hello Dear Reader,

Thanks for your lovely comments yesterday. If you’re ever passing through Huelgoat or you’re near by, drop in: there’s always tea and cake x

Above, our view from the house.

We walk in the forest or by the lake every day.

Map made of tiles on the bridge over looking the chaos.

Here, my back is to the forest and rocks looking at the lake. Our house is out of shot but in the top left of the photo.

View of the village.

Winter in Huelgoat- if you know the pronunciation, that’s alliterative.

View from the entrance of the forest.

View of a lakeside b&b. I love the reflection in the lake.

View of the sky from our house.

This is the view when we arrive. The shutters keep the house tucked up and safe when we’re not there. 

It’s a hidden part of central Brittany but, if you get the chance, or you’re on the way back to Roscoff to get the ferry to Plymouth then you really should drop by for a visit.

Until tomorrow,

Love Froogs xxxx