Spring clean your family finances

Hello Dear Reader,
I posted this in 2015 and read it again today. No matter where you are on your money saving journey, I still stand by this as a way of checking your finances to ask, “Where can I make some simple tweaks?” There are plenty of really easy way to spring clean your finances and here are just a few options.

Feed your family the thrifty way!

Always check what you have in your house first. Can you create meals from what’s already in the fridge, freezer or store cupboard?
Next create a simple meal plan. Work with your family and children so everyone is involved.

When you’ve taken stock of your cupboards and made a meal plan, use http://www.mysupermarket.co.uk to shop around for the best deals.

Please Freeze! Also make the most of your freezer and save any leftovers!
Power up! Check your energy suppliers and usage.

Simple changes to LED lighting will reduce your electricity bill.
Get the slow cooker out and use that for a few meals a week.

You can cook two meals at once and keep one in the fridge or freezer ready to be microwaved when needed.

 Hang your clothes outside to dry whenever you can, even if only for a while and finish them in the tumble drier.

Shorten your showers by one minute, I promise you won’t notice the difference.

Bright Idea: Use price comparison websites to compare energy suppliers and find the best deals for your area. Switch if you have to.
Make yourself at home and save on essentials.

Check out price comparison sites to compare your phone and broadband. Are you getting the best deal or can you reduce this monthly bill?
Mobile phone tariffs. None of us use all the minutes, texts and download that we pay for. Contact your supplier and renegotiate a cheaper deal. Or, if they can’t offer you anything, give notice and go to another supplier altogether!

Tune in to savings on satellite TV. If you live in a cable area, look at price comparisons to see if you can get a better deal. You could also get a ‘Freesat’ box and enjoy all of the available channels for free!

Hit a savings Home Run: Ensure your Household insurance is right for you. Never just renew your boiler cover, your home and contents cover or accidental damage cover. Always pay for one year only and ensure you check you’re getting the best deal before you renew. Keep paperwork proving your no claims and if you’re a careful householder, look at raising your excess if it’s within your budget so you pay less for the insurance.

Simple Swaps for Super Savings
These won’t hurt at all!
Treat out – If you eat out, cut it back to once a fortnight or once a month.
Take aways – Try the supermarkets Chinese or Indian ready meals. You could fake it altogether and buy frozen battered fish fillets, frozen oven chips and tinned mushy peas. All of a sudden the Friday night fish supper will be a fraction of the cost.

Clever coffee – Can’t do without your coffee? Taking your own coffee to work will save you hundreds of pounds a year. If you do have the occasional coffee out with friends, see it as a treat!

Pack a lunch – even if you just pick up a supermarket meal deal of £3 a day this works out at £730 a year! Why overspend when you can pack a lunch from home and take it with you?

Gym membership – it is time to swap any membership that doesn’t get used. Instead use weekly passes when you have the time or use YouTube and exercise at home. There are hundreds of trainers who want to share their fitness tips with you for free!

Now, that didn’t hurt at all did it?

It’s always great to hear of your financial overhauls and how you keep your finances and budgeting in check.

Until tomorrow,

Love Froogs xxxx


9 thoughts on “Spring clean your family finances

  1. We have TV and broadband with Sky. They’ve just increased their prices again. Armed with some research on cheaper deals from other providers, I managed to get Sky to reduce the bill. I then asked if they could take a bit more off the bill, and they did! I managed to get about 30% off the bill by the end and am happy to stay with them for another year.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Well done! I’m also with Sky but have never been able to negotiate anything with them! Perhaps I just need to be more persistent.


  2. Thanks for reposting froogs. I have been a bit slack in this area. I actually left my car registration to the last minute and had to use the same insurer as last year as there was no time to research it. I felt bad about this because even if the difference is as small as say, $40 – that’s still money wasted. I will do better next time!



  3. Hi Froogs!I have not commented in a while but I just wanted to say that your blog really helped me through a rough time and helped me get back on my feet after having a stroke in 2013. Your budget tips and frugal recipes have been key in saving us financially while I was out of work.
    Now, after some careful budgeting, we have bought some rental properties to supplement our income and we can live well with me only working part time (I am a Registered Nurse).
    So, I just want you to know that your blog is really helping people whether you know it or not. Many thanks! Rose Cole in Westernern N.C


  4. Things we have done in the past few years to keep our finances in check include:
    Downsizing although our family was increasing in numbers!
    Selling one of our two cars
    Getting rid of magazine subscriptions, gym memberships and extra insurance policies
    Selling unused items
    Buying/receiving free second hand clothes, shoes and furniture
    Changing to a less expensive supermarket
    Buying cheaper cuts of meat
    Packing lunches
    Freezing leftovers and using up food
    Checking with each other before spending and waiting before we spend
    Using the library
    Regifting/making homemade gifts
    Finding free activities for our children

    Conscious spending has reduced both our stress levels and our clutter.

    Thank you for inspiring us!


  5. Apologies if you get this comment twice …. webpage playing up!

    Hi there
    Thanks for your post which inspired me to re-evaluate a few things and save some money yesterday (I’m usually pretty frugal, but this was a good reminder!)
    I did 4 bits of money saving in a couple of hours !

    – found a bag of raisins in the back of the cupboard about to go out of date, and made an earl grey fruit tea loaf with them , to prevent wasting them
    – re-checked energy suppliers (hadn’t done it in about 18 months) and saved money by switching
    – re-checked broadband on USwitch and got a high speed fibre deal with free mobile phone sim for same price as currently paying for low speed internet.
    – rang round local stockist to compare prices on large bag of dog food kibble we use (Royal Canin) and found it £7 cheaper per bag at a farm shop!

    thank you !


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