Cooking with polenta

A garden tidy up on a warm spring day, path weeded and garden gate washed. A quick bit of work which needed a tasty supper.

Hello Dear Reader,

It all started with a bag of polenta at the back of the cupboard. 

1 cup of polenta on a plate with some salt, pepper and garlic powder. This made the courgettes crispy and is a good gluten free alternative. 

1 shallow bowl with beaten egg.

2 frozen cod fillets

2 large courgettes cut down into chips.

Set the oven to 200 and have a baking tray ready

Roll both the courgette chips and cod , still frozen, in the egg then the polenta, place on the baking tray and cook for 15-20 minutes. Overcooked fish is dreadful so be careful.

I also made tartare sauce with what I had

8 small gerkins finely diced

Squirt of lemon juice

Heaped teaspoon of Dijon mustard

2 dessert spoons of mayo

2 dessert spoons of natural yogurt – it lightens the calories

Mix together, tasting as you do, you might want more mustard or lemon juice.

I didn’t add capers as I didn’t have any.

We had a lovely evening, with the fire lit in the dining room, good linen and a leisurely supper with some delicious grub. Rough costs, 65p per cod fillet, courgettes 35p each, tartare sauce 25p each, tomatoes 20p for 7 each, polenta 20p -£1.65 per person. 

Over to you Dear Reader, other than making a creamy alternative to mashed potato, what do you do with polenta? Do you use it at all? 

Until tomorrow,

Love Froogs xxxxx


11 thoughts on “Cooking with polenta

  1. Here in the southeastern U.S., we have a white version of polenta – grits. It’s cooked in a variety of ways, but my favorite is with garlic and cheese, topped with shrimp. It’s amazing!


  2. In the northern US it is sometimes cooked and served like farina for a hot breakfast. Then what is left over is put into a pan and sliced and fried the next morning with syrup


  3. I live in the US. Grandma was from Kentucky and she made what she called cornmeal mush. She would cook it and serve it that way as a cereal. When it got cold and firmed up she would slice it and fry it. I never tried it, the name didn’t sound good. Later on in my life it became stylish and called polenta. Then I tried it and like it now with cheese.


  4. I use polenta (cornmeal) to make cornbread muffins to go with chilli. I prefer unsweetened cornbread rather than the sweetened versions you seem to find in recipes. Really good!


  5. Recipe looks wonderful will try it out. Coming home tomorrow, will think of you when crossing the bridge. All the best. Not long until easter now.


  6. It’s nice fried or baked – cook on the hob until almost to thick to stir, pour into a baking tray and allow to ‘set’. Then slice, season and shallow fry, grill or bake.

    We also serve it sweetened as a porridge with fruit or jam.


  7. My parents are from the Friuli region of Italy where polenta is the staple carbohydrate. As a kid, we ate it frequently, mainly alongside stews of various kinds.I cook it for my own family (I don’t serve it up as frequently though!) in the same ways. I also like pouring it into a greased tray to set, then fry or grill it with barbecues. One of my favourite breakfasts is using sliced polenta in place of bread for grilled cheese. Yum.

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