Maintenance, aging and smelling nice

Hello Dear Reader,

That’s another thrifty week. I’m a simple soul and I’ve kept myself busy this weekend with some maintenance and you would have laughed if you saw me efforts. I needed to clean my roof as the green was blocking out the light. I leant out of the window and mopped it. It’s now much better. I try and get something ‘sorted’ every week to keep on top of things.

I thought I’d update you on my grey hair grow out, I’m still not colouring it and I’m just living with it. The grow out is properly white and that’s ok. Typical of me to take my photo whilst wearing an apron, I always wear one when I’m doing housework to save my clothes.

I’m trying to do more ‘nice’ things, whether that’s cooking something special, taking ourselves out or in this case, smelling fragrant. Even so, I’m going to do that on a budget. If you’ve not heard of Yves Rocher, they’re a French perfume from La Gacilly in Brittany and it’s still made there. I’m signed up to all sorts of retailers from Lidl to my favourite perfume company and get updates of special offers and I wait until I can get my favourite perfume for free. The vanilla perfume was two bottles for the price of one, one of the handbag sized perfumes was half price, one was full price, the hand creme was free as was the full sized perfume. The lot, including postage was £32.25  and will keep me smelling lovely for months. You know me, I never pay full price and I love freebies.

Over to you, who else is signed up to their favourite retailers so you can get updates of special offers? What good deals have saved you money recently?

Until tomorrow,

Love Froogs xxxx


8 thoughts on “Maintenance, aging and smelling nice

  1. In the new year I bought a No7 box set that should have been £80 for £40. I used a gift card so it was free to me. It contained over £140 worth of goodies. It is gorgeous and I smell lovely and feel lovely too. Also got a few half price goodies which I am saving for presents from Boots.


  2. Well done on the grey. 7 of my friends from my youth had died by the time I was 35, 8 by the time I was 42 – these tragedies made me realise that living long enough to go grey is a privilege that not everybody gets. I feel very blessed to be starting that journey.

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  3. I ordered a gift for my granddaughter’s birthday on my daughter’s account–she has free shipping from Amazon prime, and also had a 15% off coupon she wasn’t going to use. We trade coupons all the time, and sometimes share the buy one get one items also. With 2 person households, we don’t always want 10# of potatoes, so when the 5# bags are BOGO, one of us buys them and delivers one bag to the other, and we each pay half. I get the newspapers and she doesn’t (they are both disabled and their budget is limited) so I take the coupons I want and she gets the rest at no cost to her. We still both save plenty because we don’t buy the same items too often anyhow, and when we do, we seldom need the same thing at the same time. I save all the ads and coupons from the Sunday papers after I’ve cut out the ones I want, and she picks them up the early part of the week and shops a couple days later. Frugal use of one newspaper!!

    Since we live less than 2 miles apart, we also share some household items. This week she will make an ice cream cake for my granddaughter, using my spring form pan. Last week I sent her birthday cake home in HER Tupperware cake carrier. It resides at my house because she has no space for it. We do each have our own everyday items, but specialized baking pans, etc. can be easily shared. (DD, SIL and DGD’s birthdays are all between Feb 25th and March 10th, so we have a flurry of birthdays and then they are done for the year. (Mine is in Jan and husbands’ is in April, so we are all close together in time.) We save where we can.

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