Sad face 

Hello Dear Reader,

Old soppy dog had two back teeth out today. He was dropped off at the vets at eight this morning and we picked him up at five this evening. He’s feeling a bit sorry for himself and we’re £225 lighter. That doesn’t matter at all as we budget for our pets and consider their health and well being to be as important as ours. 

We often get asked if we pay for pet insurance and we don’t as we have savings and always aim to save more than we spend. It is expensive having three dogs as we have them clipped every other month, they have annual jabs, rabies jab annually, visits to the vet when we leave France and owning dogs is not cheap. 

Our dogs are our constant companions and wherever we go, they go with us. We’ve had eleven years of smoochy kisses, dog art on the windows, sofa snuggles and footprints right across our hearts. 

I’m off to cuddle my old pooch.

Until tomorrow,

Love Froogs 


9 thoughts on “Sad face 

  1. They are unconditional love all wrapped up in a bundle of fluff !We used to have 3 Yorkies, one died at age 11 and the other 2 went together at 17, the little girl’s kidneys failed and the little boy was deaf, poorly sighted and had dementia, they were together since pups and it was kindest that they went together, it was still heart breaking. We now have a Cocky spaniel and a terrier who has been poorly and cost us £65 for treatment and worth every penny.Today, my son gave me a wall hanging which says a “Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole ” -perfect, hope he makes a speedy recovery.x


  2. We have 5 ( fairly elderly) pets and don’t insure them as I find it cheaper to save monthly to cover any vet costs and now have a large pot of savings for this purpose . There is nothing wrong with choosing to insure, but Insurance companies make money, and therefore must charge more than the average cost of vets bills .


  3. Aw big hugs to your fluffy baby. It’s five years today since our dog moved in and we have loved every day of it. She is just wonderful. Dogs are the soul of any family x


  4. We have two indoor rabbits that aren’t insured as there are only a handful of companies that insure rabbits and most policies won’t cover their teeth. Our little lop Rose had to have her teeth filed down last week as they were causing her a lot of pain and she wasn’t eating as a result. All in it cost about £270, but I’m bot bothered, I’m just so glad she’s back to her lovely, happy little self.
    I hope yours perks up soon.


  5. Hope your little fellow is feeling better. I think the day of separation at the vet is just as traumatic as the dental work for my three little girl dogs. They always need lots of cuddles when they come home.


  6. Cat person here, but the feelings are about the same. Except cats are more independent and possibly more annoying (never had a dog so can’t be sure.) Just about as expensive, I can tell you. We lost one last year-rescued her when her former owner died, and the first vet visit was $650. Welcome to middle aged pets. The cat we already had was about the same age and both had dental problems and lots of them. The one we lost got cancer and the survivor has hyperthyroidism which requires expensive, prescription food. She is looking quite awful lately having once been 16 lbs and now about 7-8 lbs. Should weigh 10#. We feed her as much as she’ll eat of the $53 per bag/per case food but she is still losing weight. The pills we tried before did not agree with her and made her blood work totally off, so the prescription food was the only answer left. She has an appointment with the vet on Friday and I’m hoping he doesn’t recommend the inevitable. Very smart cat but does not understand no treats, no people food!
    It’s sad and getting sadder. She is either 14 or 15 now–I’d have to look it up, but she is definitely a senior citizen.


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