Why wait until Shrove Tuesday? 

Hello Dear Reader,

I love the occasional pancake, don’t you? Mine are gluten free and quick, cheap and easy to make. Here’s the what you need and the how to….

150g gluten free flour

1 tsp xanthum gum

1 large egg

350ml milk

50g melted butter 

Blend the egg and flour and beat in the milk  and butter a bit at a time, keep beating until smooth. The butter is for flavour, texture and stop them sticking. 

Get a non stick pan really hot and add a wipe of butter, I use a paper towel with a smear of butter and literally show the butter to the pan. Use a ladle and add the batter to the middle of the pan and then, whilst holding the pan, manoeuvre the batter around the pan to coat it. We like our pancakes to be crepe thin. 

A good spread of chocolate and hazelnut spread is my favourite and DB loves lemon juice and sugar.

So, why wait until Shrove Tuesday? 

Over to you, what goes on your crepes or pancakes?.

Until tomorrow,

Love Froogs xxxxx


20 thoughts on “Why wait until Shrove Tuesday? 

  1. we love pancakes all year round but are trying as a family not to eat palm oil, we love orangatangs too much to eat it so no nutella for us. it’s suprisiing that so many of the products on the supermarket shelves have it in them, over 50% apparently. Just means we make more foods from scratch so can’t be bad. Enjoy your pancakes.


  2. Rapeseed oil in peskytesky is labelled ” Vegetable oil ” …..Cheap as chips, too. 😉

    Savory pancakes, filled with crab in white sauce ( special treat mmmmm. ….) , veg. curry, grated cheese. Anything, really. Sugar and lemon juice , mostly, though.


  3. Good morning Froogs, I made some outstanding pancakes yesterday that contain no flour at all. The recipe is a mashed banana, 2 eggs, 95 grams of nut butter of your choice, 1 teaspoon of gluten free baking powder and 1 tablespoon of honey, mixed altogether. Just cook them in the usual way on a lowish heat, they are super light and scrumptious. I served them with raspberries and maple syrup. Yum


  4. Pancakes and waffles from the same batter are my go to we need to eat something and now. I think it will be our Sunday night supper today with real maple syrup. I keep a homemade mix on hand so that I can just scoop it out and add egg and milk.


  5. We make gluten free pancakes using gram flour. My boys love them with butter, homemade jam, honey or maple syrup. I’m trying to go cane sugar free for a month and so ours will be made with honey and gram flour.


  6. We like ours with maple syrup, since New York state is a major producer of maple syrup. Sometimes I make potato pancakes, and we eat those with applesauce–homemade usually.


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