Sweet potato rosti with goat cheese

Hello Dear Reader,

I thought I’d share our lovely lunch following on with my promise to cook ourselves something special every week. I bought welsh goats cheese from Aldi as well as sweet potatoes and shallots which are a bit more expensive than regular potatoes and onions.

Here’s what I used

1 large sweet potato, about 500g grated

2 beaten eggs

2 shallots, peeled and finely chopped

2 cloves of garlic, finely diced

Salt and pepper

Tablespoon of oil

200g of goats cheese

I grated one extra large peeled sweet potato and then popped it onto a clean tea towel and wrung out the sweet potato and added it to a bowl.

Combine the rest and shaped into six patties and brown them in a hot pan with oil.

Transfer to an oven tray and bake for fifteen minutes.

Crumble goat cheese on top and put back in the oven for five-ten minutes until the cheese has melted. 

If we had any salad, this would have been great but there’s very little available so we just ate them as they were.

Over to you, who loves goats cheese or is it just us Europeans? Does anyone else make something special at the weekend?

Until tomorrow,

Love Froogs xxxx


16 thoughts on “Sweet potato rosti with goat cheese

  1. No fans of goat cheese at our house. Saturday night is always homemade pizza night which does take a little more expense than other meals but one pizza that I make feeds us twice. I have never seen sweet potatoes made into patties like that. They sound wonderful. Americans would probably serve them with sour cream.


  2. Goat cheese isn’t a common favorite here in the US. I grew up on a dairy farm, and we had plenty of longhorn, Monterey jack, cheddar & mozzarella. It took living in Egypt for me to like cheese from Europe. Italian hard cheese is a favorite in this house, and Aldi gives me great prices on those, sometimes they have goat cheese. My granny used to make yam/sweet potato patties, but she just peeled, sliced, fried to brown on both sides in butter, then drizzled maple syrup on top, then baked to finish.


  3. Made some Quinoa/Black Bean Burgers from a recipe by Anna Olson. My friend and I thought they were quite good and I’ll certainly make more in the future, hubby said he prefers beef burgers but would have one if there was no choice. He’s really not a picky eater and eats most things I make.
    Thank you for all the ideas you share!


  4. Morning Froogs, as I type I am just finishing my fav weekend breakfast, toast with Vegemite, smashed avocado and a perfect runny egg. Simple fare, but the avo’s are a little bit of luxury that I look forward to of a weekend. I have never tasted goats cheese, is it a strong cheese? I love sharp vintage and bree cheese is my fav. Have a lovely day.


  5. I love goats cheese as long as it is fairly mild. I have tried some very strong goats cheese from a French market and it was grey in colour and peppery and not for me. We often have a tray of roasted seasonal mixed veggies with garden herbs, especially thyme and melted crumbled goats cheese on them. Sweet potato patties look great and I could fancy a fried or poached egg on top.


  6. My granddaughter loves it passionately!! I’m trying to help her with budgeting but goat’s cheese is an absolute necessity for her. I’ve used it and I like it ok, but I’m not going out of my way to the fancy cheese shop for mine like she is. She is coming by this evening and I have an article for her from the newspaper on the topic “Healthy food doesn’t have to be more expensive.”


  7. Can report in from the US that goat cheese is a favorite! 🙂 We’re on the west coast, so not sure if there’s a lot of regional difference. It’s widely available. I make a bread crostini (toasted baguette) & top with a goat cheese spread (goat cheese, enough lemon juice to mix, garlic, & thyme). Toast bread, spread goat cheese topping, & bake another 4 minutes. We top ours with cucumber, thinly sliced, & it’s a huge “fancy” appetizer favorite.

    I cook on weekends, and we eat only leftovers during the work week, due to our schedules. That said, this week, for the first time ever, we used ALL of the leftovers by Thursday & I had to cobble together some other options for people looking for seconds. I have a 10 & 11 year old boys, & my husband has been doing lots of manual labor after work on our house. So, it was all good & everyone needed the calories, but I’m going to have to start cooking/baking even more on weekends!


  8. Sounds good. We love goats’ cheese in our house. Specially French goats’ cheese. Guess you could also substitute leek for spring onion. Best wishes, Pamela


  9. I have loved some goats cheese and could leave other varieties alone. I guess taste is personal. I love cheese and confess I can spend a lot of money if I don’t watch myself. I am so pleased to see the Australian cheese industry is thriving.


  10. I’m American, and I love goat cheese, but due to expense, I buy it rarely, perhaps as part of a cheese tray for company, or something special to pack for the lake in the summer with some crackers and wine, or to make a crostini. It is so luscious. I really like an herb goat cheese Aldi carries, but still at $2.99 for a tiny little portion, it is bought sparingly.


  11. Goat cheese is widely available here in New England. As much as I love cheese it’s not a favorite for me. I love the sweet potato patties, must try them.


  12. Oooh, these look lovely and I shall certainly try them. I really love goats cheese, and my son-in-law likes it, but my husband and daughter don’t and are very rude about it!

    Love your recipes!



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