Let sleeping dogs lie

Hello Dear Reader,

It’s still windy, cold and wet! We’re in the best place, tucked up in the warm. Supper was just egg and chips and a squirt of ketchup. We’ll go on topping up the log burner and toasting our toes. 

It’s been a thrifty week as we’ve just been at work, it’s a great money saver being busy all the time. My big dog, on the left, is off for some dental surgery on Monday so I’m glad we’ve been thrifty to afford it as it’ll make him a whole lot more comfortable. In the meantime, he’ll be warm and cosy along with us by the fire.

Until tomorrow,

Love Froogs xxxxx


6 thoughts on “Let sleeping dogs lie

  1. Your posts reminds me of something from my childhood. Right around my 10th birthday, a stray cat appeared at our door. My parents told me that we could keep her, but I had to understand that the cost of having her checked at the vet and spayed would preclude any birthday gifts, as the family budget only allowed so much. And, pets weren’t gifts/posessions, so I couldn’t say the cat was any more mine than my siblings’. I consented willingly. I still got a specially cooked meal and a cake on my birthday, but that was it. We all sure loved that cat, though.

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  2. Hi,Hope all goes well on Monday,I too keep an emergency fund for the unexpected vet bill,even if it doesn’t cover it all it certainly helps.I shopped around for insurance this year for my Greyhound girl and got my monthly premium reduced and I had a real eye opener(excuse the pun!!)when my vet was unable to supply my dogs regular monthly eye drops and I found a local pharmacy that had some in stock….he wrote a prescription which cost me £7 and I presented it at the pharmacy,I had been paying £18 a bottle (lasts one month)for her drops for the past 4 years,buying them at the pharmacy cost me £35 for 6 months supply!!!!Just something to bear in mind as i had no idea that I was paying so much more than I needed to all those years.
    Jenna xxx


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