Cheap quick eats 

Hello Dear Reader,

Storm Doris is on her way and the weather has turned cold again. This lovely piece of gammon is from Aldi and two steaks were £1.69 and were quickly grilled. I served it with sweet potato mash where I microwaved the potatoes and then scooped the flesh out, it’s the easiest way I know of doing it. The addition of a spoonful of coleslaw and some tinned peas and that will do! 

I’ve washed up, I’m in my pyjamas and I’m going to have an early night and wait for Doris to rattle our windows.

Over to you, what do you cook that’s cheap, quick and easy?

Until tomorrow,

Love Froogs xxx


12 thoughts on “Cheap quick eats 

  1. Wednesday is our busy busy night for parent taxi service so always something quick. Favourite at the moment is jacket potatoes done in the oven on timer. Cheese & beans for 3 of us, tuna and sweet corn mayo for the other one. Easy and cheap.


  2. My husband and I are facing redundancy this year the company he works for is up for sale, so with that in mind I have already started to prepare, our cheep easy tea tonight was egg curry,the kids are adjusting to simpler meals and they are enjoying making them.


  3. I wish I was not allergic to eggs. They make so many easy and cheap meals. At present I eat porridge every morning, generally a sandwich or soup at lunch and as simple a dinner as I can get away with. I like to make Asian style chicken soup. This week my stock was dirt cheap as I bought wings on discount to make the base stock. The cats get the leftover meat and skin. My food ins’t cheap as a dietitian has me on a very restricted diet.


  4. We try to eat little grain so my cheap and easy meals are soup; homemade chips done in the oven topped with tomatoes, frozen spinach, tinned fish and cheese (I call them pizza chips); eggs and farinata (flatbread made with chickpea flour); hash made with leftovers; frittata (mum gives us eggs for free as she lives near a free range chicken farm) with veg; veg stir fry with tinned fish or leftover meat; or sweet potato topped with a mixture of spinach, anchovies, olives and sardines.

    It looks like a lot of my cheap teas involve tinned fish and veg!


  5. Last night’s tea was home made carrot and potato soup followed by cheese and chutney sandwich, tonight is home made butternut squash soup followed by dippy eggs and soldiers. Using home made soup as a starter gives me the veggy intake plus it’s so much more filling than tinned soup.


  6. My husband works in a place where there is often food waste which he brings home. I usually get a glut of vine tomatoes to work with so I make my own pasta sauce which I use for pasta or a base for veggie chillies or currey . We may end up tomatoe red the amount we eat but if it’s free I’m all for that!


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