New from old

Hello Dear Reader,

Many of my quilts have the addition of thrifted material, where I’ve bought men’s shirts off the £1 rail in the charity shop, cut them up and used the fabric. As well as men’s shirts, I like to buy full, all cotton skirts and dresses and pyjamas and nighties. The nightwear is particularly good if it’s made of flannel or brushed cotton, depending on what you call it.

This is a quick and simple baby quilt and it’s made of entirely thrifted fabric recycled from old clothes. It’s as soft as a cloud and perfect for a baby to roll around on the floor or keep them warm in their cot.

My quilts are never precious, they are meant for life so can be thrown in the washer, drier or get air dried. Another thing I like about making a quilt for a brand new human is that they only take a day.

Most of all, I love upcycling and using something that was discarded and turning it into something brand new and useable. 

Until tomorrow,

Love Froogs
P.s, I’m always greatful for donations of cotton shirts or clothes to turn into quilts and many thanks to the lovely readers who send me fabric to upcycle. Xxxx


17 thoughts on “New from old

  1. That’s a VERY pretty quilt. My favorite gift to give new mothers is a quilt made from fabric I have found in thrift shops. I make them a bit bigger than a crib quilt…more of a lap quilt. I like the thought of the quilts being used as, say, a door to a fort as well as for sleeping. I, too, cut up thrift shop clothing for my quilts. Our shop sells all the clothes you can fit in a bag for $5.00. Last time I hauled home a bag, though, some of my kids rescued a few shirts to wear themselves.
    Another thing I love to do is make pillowcases with French seams, or napkins from my old torn sheets. ( I only use white 100% cotton sheets on our beds, some sets which have been found at, you guessed it, thrift shops) I gave a pair of these pillowcases as a gift too, and the recipient loved it. Funny, but I find that the people I make new from old gifts for are the people I think most highly of.


  2. I just love it! There is a super softness to these kinds of quilts and it’s so good that they can just be thrown in the washing machine to bring them back to new. I have also made a denim quilt made of old jeans, I gave it to my grand nieces as a floor rug and picnic rug, they just love it. I kept lots of pockets and detail like pintucking and unusual motives on the jeans and incorporated them into the quilt, lots of little unusual touches to touch and play with. Have a wonderful week.


  3. I love home made gifts . My favorite quilt is actually still my grandmothers quilt for us. I absolutely love the pretty pink pooh quilt from my grandmother to my daughter. These are precious that become very special because they have sentimental meaning as well.


  4. Love the quilt! You’ve inspired me to get busy! I have many tops to finish, and a big box of shirts to deconstruct. Recycling is the best way to make quilts.


  5. I made my first quilt in Canada ***years ago after reading about the women pioneers who used every scrap of anything they could get hold of and so I only ever used second hand fabrics. Getting back to patchwork in recent years, I’ve come across the concept of actually buying some fabric and am knocked out by the deliciousness of the designs. I made a quilt for my 2 year old grandson for Christmas and love seeing it being used as a tent over a table, snuggled under and generally thrown around in play. A simple Christmas frame quilt I made for nephews years ago got brought out every year …….great memories sewn into these things.

    Totally agree that they are to be used and washed over and over. I made a quilt for a friend’s daughter’s 21st birthday years ago and it was mentioned recently that it has lasted longer than the car her parents gave her! A similar quilt made for another friend’s daughter’s 21st is finally starting to fall apart after many years. It’s such a great feeling to know that something made by oneself has been used and loved.

    I keep my eyes open for flannelette / brushed cotton….hardly ever see any. Must try harder!


  6. Hi, slightly off subject, but similar I knit or crochet blankets/rugs for charities and spend a lot of time in thrift shops looking for wool and get a real buzz when I find a cheap stash in the stores. Sometimes I find incomplete garments and spend time unpicking and rewinding and making new ones. I also knit beanies, scarves and jumpers and almost everything has a stripe in it so I can use all small amounts of wool and anything left over is then used to sew up the blankets. Sometimes people give me wool and I get so excited as to thinking what can I make with this.
    Melinda (SEQld Aus)


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