The joy of secondhand

Hello Dear Reader,

Our dishwasher died well before Christmas and I’ve happily washed up by hand since then. I was determined to carry on hand washing and equally determined to keep my eyes peeled for a cheap replacement if I saw one. 

We’d had a clear out and sold items on eBay and had some money on hold in our Paypal account should we see a dishwasher local to us. White goods and large items of furniture are always available cheaply on auction sites as you have to collect them and not everybody can. There weren’t many bids on this dishwasher and I got it very cheaply and the vendor helped us get it into our car.

I always prefer to get household items second hand if I can and as we sold items we didn’t need and equally bought something that wasn’t needed (new kitchen with dishwasher being fitted) then nothing went to scrap or landfill and it was cost neutral to us other than the short distance to collect it.

Over to you, who else loves secondhand? What was your best secondhand bargain? Who else spends ‘eBay money’ to keep costs neutral?

Until tomorrow,

Love Froogs xxxx


24 thoughts on “The joy of secondhand

  1. There is nothing better than secondhand. I looked up after reading your blog and realised all my dining room furnishings are second hand. A lick of paint, a bit of upholstery and you can have something truly original. Never thought about electrical goods but should the need arise will check secondhand first.

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  2. I adore secondhand, especially when children are involved. It means that we aren’t too precious with household items such as tables. Secondhand furniture often comes with scratches, dents, chips etc and so if the boys are playing at it and create another scratch its not the end of the world. I love my furniture to have had a life before we use it, it makes it feel more homely (I think).

    We also love secondhand clothes, shoes and toys. I always get good quality items, use them then pass them on. It feels good to do this. Many items only stay a while in our home before moving on, this is particularly true for young children. My best secondhand items are often for the boys as they are passed onto us for free. You can’t more frugal than free!

    I did read someone theorising that we could stop producing and simply continue with what we have on the planet. It’s an interesting concept.

    I also think buying secondhand reduces stress in our house by reducing choice. We take what we are given!

    Another great post. Thank you Frugalqueen!


  3. I agree second hand is great and free is superb. My best second hand item was a three seater leather sofa and two matching reclining armchairs for £100. We still have it and there is plenty of life left in it. We also like not having to be too precious about furniture as family life can take its toll on the furnishings.


  4. I love 2nd hand too. My best eBay purchase was a mahogany dresser for 99p. I chalk painted it & use the bottom half as a sideboard in our new lounge. The top half with glass doors Is in my sewing room where I can easily see what I need.

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  5. We’re a mixture in our house. I like second hand and hubby likes new. When we moved we bought the cooker and dishwasher from the previous owners. Both were on their last legs, but we got a couple more years out of them, which gave us time to save and invest in decent new pieces.
    All the kid’s clothes are second hand, except their shoes, but I buy new because it is very rarely that I buy anything for myself.
    Our family car was new, because we intend to run it into the ground. Our second car is 55 reg because it’s the run around. We hate stretching our budget to 2 cars and have been making efforts to change this, for example hubby just got a transfer to a local branch which is on the public transport links. Once the little car gives up the ghost then we’ll become a 1 car family…And so it goes on 😀


  6. We have just replaced our 2 seettees that fell apart we bought a chair and large 3 seater sofa for £85 delivered from our local hospice shop better still our council does a scheme up to 3 large items removed for £10. To finish off we wanted a recliner for my hubby got a lovely chair that goes back and footstool for £100 only sat in twice just round the corner off Gumtree all in leather ☺

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  7. I had two Italian stone coloured sofas for four hundred pounds the previous owners had them for a month and decided they didn’t like them they were immaculate


  8. When we remodeled the kitchen in our previous house we bought a $400 microwave that a guy had dented trying to install for $100. Our cabinets on either side were deep enough to almost hide the entire dent, it was on the side of the microwave that faced the back of the kitchen. It was even the same brand as the stove : ). That microwave worked great right up ’til we moved 6 years later, I’m sure the new homeowner is still enjoying it.


  9. Love 2nd hand. Our fridge came with the house and I eat every night off the table my parents bought in 1966. Up until last year I used a dryer that they bought in 1990! I also like buying clothes on consignment. Thanks for the inspiration.


  10. I try and make purchases as “cost neutral” as I can. We have just sold enough unwanted items on Ebay to enable us to buy paint to redecorate a bedroom as a surprise for our daughter. Feels good! She is coming home for a visit from Uni next w/e and I cannot wait to see her face.


  11. I have discoverd second hand in the last few years, I have a downstairs sofa for £30 and a dining table and chairs for £500. Both look stunning. Most of my pictures and mirrors are second hand and look new. When i moved in my furniture cost so much brand new and it was such a waste of money. Now I wish I had bought it all second hand and had fab savings instead. Thank you for all of your ideas I have learned so much from you. kitx


  12. Second hand so much better for the environment too. Our local charity shop is doing so well it has moved a few doors down and is now twice the size and selling furniture too. It’s not one of the bigger charities that are too expensive to go in either but one I had never heard of before it opened here. I am constantly decluttering my stuff there and frequently coming back with something else. I tell my other half we are renting it as after a while it will probably end up back there lol. I think you get more pleasure out of secondhand bargains. That dishwasher will bring you joy every time you use it! Am now off to scour the bay of e and gumtree for a chair for OH to sit in that is better for his back.


  13. I always try to buy second hand when I can, my best buy was a double divan bed for £120 from the local Emmaus charity shop. It looked like new in the shop and I inspected it very closely before deciding to go for it. It was a top quality bed, would have cost more new than I could ever afford. The charity guys delivered it for £5, it was so heavy it took four of us to push/pull it up the stairs. My daughter who was a bit sniffy about having a second hand bed was delighted when she laid on it, such a comfortable mattress.
    Most of the furniture in my home is second hand, can’t beat it.


  14. I have had 2 second hand pressure canners. They are very expensive new. The first one, my husband bought at a farm auction sale when we were first married. The second one I got about 30 years later at a garage sale. The first one was about worn out at that point. These were among my best second hand buys.


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