A little bit of Brittany in my kitchen.

Hello Dear Reader,

As daft as it sounds, I’m feeling homesick. It might sound bizarre that a thrifty frugal person, who downsized bought a second home. Once I’d have thought it a crazy idea but in the long term it’s an investment idea for our future. Our home in Brittany is coming along nicely and within a year, it’ll be available for you to rent it for holidays and there’s the thrifty as the rental aspect will offset our running costs. 

So, how is it an investment when property prices stagnate? You might have money to invest in stocks and share with investment advisors like Glanmore investment or you might like us, buy another property. I must add to this that our dinky Cornish cottage and low cost Breton maison totals in value the price of a terraced house in Plymouth. Once we’re retired, Brittany will be our home and our Cornish cottage will be rented to a local family. 
So gettin back to feeling homesick for a bit of Brittany is to make galettes that I haven’t been able to buy ready made here in Cornwall. Here’s the recipe

250g of Buckwheat flour

Good sprinkle of salt

500ml of water with 2 beaten eggs

50g of melted butter

Blend together with an electric mixer or blender and leave to rest for an hour.

Get a pan really hot and add a tiny amount of butter, add the batter with a ladle and rotate the pan to cover the pan very thinly. You won’t get it right the first time but your dog will enjoy them!

You may never get to Brittany but you can have a taste of it in your own kitchen. With the thought of Breton food, have any of you bought any reasonably priced mussels? 

Until tomorrow,

Love Froogs xx
This was a sponsored post. 


4 thoughts on “A little bit of Brittany in my kitchen.

  1. We had a carrier bag of mussels costing £5 from a mussel farm in Mull with friends – so cheap and delicious. Alas we live in Wales but I buy the Shetland mussels from Lidl once a month and make proper thin fries. One of our best meals!


  2. My family originates from Normandy and Bretagne, but left in the 1700’s to emmigrate to Quebec, Canada, and subsequently to the USA in the 1920’s. Buckwheat pancakes or crepes are still a family favorite in our home!


  3. Thank you for the recipe. I truly want to try that as I am tired of oats and spelt toast for breakfast.

    I love your plan. I was surprised how quickly the train travels from London to Paris. I know you drive but wow that service made Paris seem like two blinks away. God bless your plan.


  4. Thanks for sharing this galette recipe. It is nice that the Britanny house will be for rent as I want to go to France in the next few years.


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