Thrifty food on Tuesday

Hello Dear Reader,

We hoped to have got out and about today but the rain just beat me inside. I’ve sewn and mostly unpicked today but that’s quilting. Some days your points like up and some days, they just don’t. I’ve also deconstructed and defluffed the sewing machine as it kept snagging up. My advice on a bad sewing day is to walk away and leave it until tomorrow.

Lunch was a simple cauliflower cheese with gluten free croutons dusted with smoked paprika. Really filling and our main meal of the day.

Breakfast was a bit of a treat and a real bargain of a pack of oranges for 15p and some lovely freshly squeezed juice with some toast for breakfast. Our Morrisons has really cheap fruit and veg at the end of the day,

I’ll get back to wrestling with the gift quilt tomorrow. 

Over to you Dear Reader, can you top my 15p orange juice? Have any of you found some lovely bargains recently? What about your sewing, any snags? 

Until tomorrow,

Love Froogs xxxxx


11 thoughts on “Thrifty food on Tuesday

  1. Ugh. Yes, snags. My favorite way to correct them is to I pretend I don’t see the mismatched seams in my quilts. I have a lap quilt on my hoop right now, which I am hand quilting. It’s a four patch on point.
    Like you, I use the spray adhesive to, but even so, CANNOT manage to quilt on my home machine without horrible puckers. Once this quilt is finished, I’m not allowing myself to start another quilt until I master machine quilting! I have plenty of scraps of fabric and batting to practice with.


  2. Ah sewing machines and the things they need to have done! Froogs you win. Even if I converted the money there is no way I could buy one orange for that, let alone a bag. Well done.


  3. This weekend I bought 2 bunches of very ripe banana for 25 cents a pound. They have been going into protein, fruit and yogurt smoothies. The rest will make flour less peanut butter cookies. For each banana I add 1/2 cup old fashion oats and 1/2cup peanut butter. Bake at 350° for about 12 to 14 minutes.
    I always check out the less than perfect produce section. Often I find apples that I make into chunky cinnamon apple sauce. Everything is either $1.00 a bag or 25 cents a pound.
    My favorite beverage when I am hot and thirsty is fresh squeeze orange or grapefruit juices. I like pulp in mine.


  4. I live part of the year in Cyprus. My orange juice was free. There are unpicked lemon and orange trees near me and I use a hand juice press. It is surprisingly easy and much easier to keep clean than my electric one. Marmalade costs the fuel and cheap local sugar.


  5. Ugh, sewing, some days it is a chore.
    My oranges juice is free this time of year. My neighbor has a huge tree that hangs over my yard! If I don’t pick them, they rot!


  6. Sewing is like that–you have to be “in the mood” and so does the machine, in my experience. If either of you are not up to par, walking away is definitely the way to go. Otherwise, you’ll spend the whole day being frustrated. That’s just the way it is with sewing.


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