He’ll always be my Valentine

Hello Dear Reader,

I cannot abide the cynical hype that retailers pump out for any occasion they can wring money out of us. Those miserable greedy shysters can ruin anything sometimes by making people feel compromised in their own lives in as much that they might compare it to others. For example, the gift? The meal? The trip? The night out? That must be tough for some people. Luckily, I don’t give a toot what anyone else has, does or thinks. That not giving a feathered doohdah has saved us a fortune!

Tomorrow, like everyday, I’ll spend with my valentine and as normal, we won’t spend a penny any differently. Why would we? I could write about cheap days out, money saving vouchers for restaurants, two for one offers but they are not for us. 

So, to answer the question, how do you save money for Valentine’s Day, then my advice is just to ignore the hype, ignore the date, ignore the supermarket displays and get on with just loving each other. There is no price ticket for that.

As for DB, he’s my valentine every day.

Until tomorrow,

Love Froogs xxxx


22 thoughts on “He’ll always be my Valentine

  1. We ignore it as best we can. I love making cards, though and do use Valentine’s Day as a reason to make and send cards. No way you would get me to enter a restaurant on Valentine’s Day! Funny story: Ds is taking Horticulture in high school. The teacher deliberately has them learning about bulbs in time to plant them in pots so they bloom/start to bloom in time to sell them for Valentine’s Day. It’s quite a money spinner for the group! $10/pot, and they sell out fast, I am told. Well, DS bought me two pots of beautifully blooming daffodils, which he tended, and gave them to me Friday. I wanted to tell him he shouldn’t have spent his money, but, honestly, I was touched. Come fall, I will plant them in our garden.
    In any case, not comparing oneself to others is important no matter what. I had found myself recently falling into that trap, particularly regarding my kids. I was feeling that they didn’t measure up, so to speak, and couldn’t figure out what was wrong. I finally attributed it to social media, so deleted my Facebook account. I had no idea what noise it was causing in my life until I cut it out! If I want to connect with a friend or relative, I wil send one of those aforementioned cards!


  2. I do so agree .We have been together now 52 years and I don’t need a card, I know we love one another I feel the same about mothers and fathers day too. We keep our money for something more interesting.


  3. We have never gone with the Valentines craziness. We always cooked a nice dinner at home and made a yummy dessert. Then our daughter came along on Valentine’s Day. She was the best Valentine I could ever get! Now the day is spent celebrating her and doing something special that she enjoys.

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  4. we ignore it. After 45 years of marriage, none of them celebrating Valentines day, we don’t see any need to change. We will actually be attending a meeting of a local cycling campaign. much more worthwhile


  5. I totally agree with you. Show you love your loved one everyday with the small things, gestures, cuddling, telling them. I can’t stand all the cheap Valentine’s crap that’s produced for this day, and how it must make people feel compelled to join in.


  6. I always thought Valentine’s Day was a children’s holiday when they sent valentines to their classmates in school. Perhaps the room mother would provide refreshments. Somehow it has morphed into a major commercial holiday for all ages. I guess you can’t blame the merchants for trying to make money, but we shouldn’t be gullible about it all.


  7. We’ve never celebrated Valentines Day before but as my children grow it seemed a great day to celebrate our love for each other. I have everyone’s favourite breakfast in, I have packed the usual lunches but my 6 year old has a chocolate love heart lolly in his lunch bag (courtesy of his Granny), and for tea we’re all having pulled pork, greens and homemade sweet potato fries, followed by Strawberry jelly (made my little boy and me) and ice-cream (leftover from a birthday party in January) with sprinkles!

    In addition, I helped my little boy make a Valentine’s card for his class which he printed with love hearts using a stick of celery and some poster paint. I bought some love heart chocolate sweets from Lidl and put them in a small wooden chest (which previously had some posh sweeties in it) for him. He is very excited to give his class the card and a little chocolate each. It’s cost a couple of pounds for the ‘special’ foods we’ve purchased over and above our usually shopping budget but my little boy and I have had great fun and I’m sure that he will enjoy tomorrow!


    • I too hate the hype of these celebration days from retailers, hate that they have made it all about money, I like to celebrate that I have a fab husband and loved the special day with my parent (both of whom are now gone) I love the joy of easter, halloween etc with my granchildren but hate making others rich in the process, Our daughter gave us an overnight at a beautiful hotel for xmas so we booked it for 15th feb it does not matter we did not get 14th this will be our night. I think its about sharing time and finding personal ways to have fun on these holidays, Its nice to cuddle up next to a roaring fire after a favourite meal taking the timeout to spend with somone you love is what is really important, stopping in all the hustle and bustle of our modern hectic lives, doing things together, enjoying these days despite the retailers and not falling into the money trap if you are going to spend anything spend it on time and effort it will be much more enjoyable for both parties and a warm glow you beat the money grabbers x


  8. I always hated Valentine’s day. I would just as soon ignore it completely. Problem is hubby loves it. He always buys me a card with a love paragraph he has written, plant and chocolate. I feel the pressure.
    This year, I will do something special. I want to emphasise how much I love and appreciate how he has taken care of me through this illness. It’s not much to some but I bought his favorite mixed nuts, a gift card for breakfast out and wrote him a letter. ♡


    • Thats lovely breakfast out can be a treat at anytime of your choosing to spend time together and a letter is so personal it will always say much more and most importantly it came from your heart not some machine spitting out cute impersonal rhyms, sometimes we need these holidays just to remind us to stop and do soething together and for each other hope you both have a wonderful day when you have your breakfast out x


  9. Going off topic a bit, does anyone know what’s happened to Hardup Hester/Snittykitty? Her blog, which I looked at only 2 days ago, has now disappeared.


  10. We are spending our Valentine’s day unpacking and stacking in our new ( to us ) home in Liskeard. We have treated ourselves to a yummy local pastry but can’t do proper cooking yet as waiting for cooker to be delivered. We have downsized ready for retirement but haven’t got rid of enough I am more often than not wandering around saying where can I put this? It is only a matter of time before my husband even though it’s Valentines, will tell me where to put it !!!


  11. Have to admit I give the shops a wide berth around Valentine’s since my husband passed away. … to protect myself. But this post has bought a smile to my face reading about all the little ways people show their love for one another without buying into the hype. We did send each other the odd message on the 14th, not every year of our lovely 24 years, and they mostly took the form of a heart drawn on the kitchen floor with flour!


  12. I agree about the hype and the money-making excuses. We tell and show each other that we love each other all the time, but after 37 years together its still nice to make a little effort occasionally. But we don’t spend a lot of money to do it, a homemade card and a homemade meal with fave foods has made today extra special for virtually no cost.


  13. Throughout my childhood, my dad used to tell us not to buy him anything for fathers day as it was a con, so I quite see your point about valentine’s day hype.


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