Keeping busy 

Hello Dear Reader,

It actually tried to snow here today, which is really unusual for Cornwall. I’ve kept myself busy today with my biggest UFO to date. I’ve put this off for so very long as I made this for DB’s fiftieth birthday, which was last December! Anyways, I got it basted yesterday and today I’ve almost finished quilting it. Getting a king sized quilt through a regular sewing machine is like wrestling an anaconda and a really good workout.

It’s been a good way to spend a day off seeing as it’s so cold outside. I’ll show you the finished quilt tomorrow…….I have so much other sewing to do.

How about you, any fellow sewers with a job unfinished that’s just begging for you to get on with it.

Until tomorrow,

Love Froogs xxx


26 thoughts on “Keeping busy 

  1. Hi, I love 4 patches, one day I’m going to have a go at a four patch and 1/2 square triangle quilt. This week I’ve been using up scraps to make a couple of draw string bags and 2 zipper bags. I’m trying to finish a crochet shark blanket for my Grandson.
    Love your blog
    Sandra K


  2. Oooh, I also have a UFO king-size quilt that needs wadding, backing and quilting, Froogs. I should really crack on with it in this cold weather but I know exactly what you mean when you say it’s like wrestling an anaconda! It exhausts me grappling with it on the sewing machine. Thanks for the inspiration – I really should finish it. It was supposed to be a Christmas present for my sister-in-law 2 Christmases ago so maybe she might finally get it this year!


  3. Love it Froogs. I’ve completed a lap quilt for my daughter this week, which I started probably 3 years ago. It’s the first quilt I’ve made on my own from start to finish. I’m proud of it & she loves it. I now have a Christmas table runner to bind and then I’ll carry on with a king size project. We are in Plymouth visiting for the weekend and I was tempted into buying 2 pieces of gorgeous fabric for the king size project, from the haberdashery shop. I have a fabric addiction!


  4. How on earth do you manage to NOT get puckers when you machine quilt it? Do you use free motion embroidery? I have an even feed foot, but I still cannot manage to machine quilt anything bigger than a baby quilt on my machine.
    I made that pattern from Bonnie Hunter, by the way, in muaves and creams. I laid the blocks out differently though. I hand quilted it, and it is DH’s favorite napping quilt.


  5. Well if my DH would put the curtain poles up in the dining room, I could use the curtain fabric I’ve had for a year ….. it’s rather a lot on a roll behind the sofa to cover an 8 fott wide window and 6 foot wide French doors, so it’ll be a biggish job …. and contrarily, while I’ve been ill with a really disgusting long lived cold for the past fortnight, I’ve really fancied getting on with it. Love your quilt – especially like the wide blue gingham fabric – hope it all goes smoothly to the finish.


  6. I love the quilt. Around here it is extremely hot and humid and we are having air con failure and power failures too. Stay warm while I try to stay cool.


  7. I have bins of UFO’s. I used to buy extras of projects I liked a lot, and didn’t always finish any after the first. I’ve gotten more discriminating since then. I have a quilt of my late Mother’s which needs some repairs–she used it a lot. I mended it once before for her, and it needs more mending. I even have some patches cut for it. Some things are just waiting for the need for a gift and then I will pull one out and sew it. One day I’ll be in the mood to sew and get at them.


  8. I too am like suzan meares, I am in sunny Queensland Australia and the last couple of days have been hovering around 40 C. Am currently travelling in a caravan and as a desperate measure parked up to a powered site to be able to run the air conditioning yesterday, not today but did find a stream to cool off and have been told the temps will start to drop off tomorrow. I knit/crochet most of the year but am struggling these last few days to do any.


  9. Froogs, I am interested in trying the 505 spray on my next quilt. Do you have to use the quilting pins also or just the spray. I tie most of my quilts because of the difficulty of quilting on the sewing machine.
    I enjoy your blog so much! Cooking, your sewing projects and being thrifty and also fixing up your future home. An Aldi has been built 30 miles from my home. It’s amazing the money I save on groceries and other products. My husband and I are retired (72) live comfortably but it’s still fun to be frugal. I have more money to spend on my 5 granddaughters!!!


  10. Hi. Is that quilt Bonnies “my blue heaven”? I’ve done it too. Did you make her mystery quilt this year. I did for the first time. I loved it and it turned out great. Have you joined her Facebook page. It has heaps of great photos and is a great place to chat about all things quilty..


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