Pay day?

Hello Dear Reader,

At the end of every month, I plan ahead for the month and months ahead. I love having something to look forward to and I’m already planning trips and house projects so I’m saving.  If you’re paying off debts then each payment milestone is something to look forward to and if you’re not then savings targets are a great way of getting there one step at a time. 

So here’s my plans. 

This month, take the dogs to the groomers to be clipped.

Save toward ferry ticket for the summer half term trip and summer trip. 

Save money towards stud wall materials. 

That doesn’t mean a month of misery, far from it. I’ve got curtains to alter and turn into French curtains. A quilt to finish. The days are getting lighter and longer and we’ll be able to get out for evening walks.

We’ll also eat well, keep warm and keep ourselves entertained. 

Having savings targets gets me through these dark winter months and remember what we all go to work for………to live.

Until tomorrow,

Love Froogs xxxx


15 thoughts on “Pay day?

  1. I wish you well for the month ahead. I try to stick to my plan but something quite unexpected always pops up. I am planning to use my stash of wool and fabric.


  2. I am enjoying looking at my savings jar, celebrate every few pounds that go in – and sometime it is just a pound or two. I’m also pleased to see the lighter evenings: it was light here until nearly 5 yesterday, so time spent in the garden just looking at nature and being thankful.


  3. Froogs! I want to thank you – your blog has really helped me at this difficult time for me. I’ve not been earning much and I’ve been in my overdraft. I’ve really felt skint. And that’s what I’ve been telling people. I CAN’T go out because I’m SKINT. And I’d feel a sinking feeling in my gut when I would say that. But this year I’ve made a firm decision to sort out my finances and get out of my overdraft. So now, instead of something that I CAN’T do, I’m realizing, I choose to do certain things because I am being frugal instead! And that turn of phrase has given me hope. It’s me choosing to do something, instead of ‘having’ to do without because I ‘can not’. Those words were so negative, and made me feel rubbish. I’ve just gotten back on track with my bulk cooking (thanks to being inspired by your amazing recipes) and I hope I will get back on track with my attitude (thanks to you inspiring me).
    I am reading your blog like a book every night, and loving it. Thank you – Diolch from Wales xx


  4. I agree with Rebecca. I check your stuff every day. The mixture of great advice – hard to hear sometimes but such clarity about debt, and the lovely recipes as well as your adventures are just marvellous. I love the honesty as well about life in general. Back over the bridge again in a few weeks. Think of you as always. xxx

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  5. We are saving for a much needed, fantastic vacation in Alaska. So we’ve been saving, hard. My retirement is late Spring. This will be savings on top of those savings.
    At the end of this month I will be finished daily treatments and can’t wait to feel well enough to start rebuilding my strength and getting back to “normal” routines. This trip is our financial and physical goal.


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