Cosy and thrifty winters

Hello Dear Reader,

This winter just drags on with chilliness. I love a frosty morning but these cold evenings and nights need a bit of clever thriftiness. We have our little wood stove that keeps our living room warm and cosy as well as drying our laundry. We have lots of other ways of keeping warm on the cheap.

We always close our curtains, even though we have double glazing as it provides extra insulation and we have extra thick linings in our curtains. As we have a wood stove, we lave the lounge door open, close the dining room door and the heat circulates upstairs. Once that’s warm enough, we open the dining room door and move the warmth around the house. It means one little stove can keep the house warm. Notice I said warm, it’s not a house where you can sit around barefoot so wrap up if you come and visit.

We keep our bedroom cool and warm our bed with hot water bottles and keep ourselves warm with home made quilts. Talking about quilts, we have a few around the lounge to throw over ourselves when the fire dies down.  It’s amazing how a quilt and a mug of hot chocolate can warm us. 

When I get in from work, I wrap up with a thick fleece, slippers and socks and were quite cosy until the fire gets going. It’s a bit chilly in the mornings but we’re up, washed dressed and out within no time at all. 

It’s lovely and warm here tonight. I hope you’re all keeping warm.

Until tomorrow,

Love Froogs xx


13 thoughts on “Cosy and thrifty winters

  1. It looks and sounds so cosy. We had plans for a woodburner this winter but alas the funds don’t permit just yet. I’d love to get a bit of free warmth.


  2. So cosy! We are in 40 degree heat and running the aircon a lot and I am getting a sick feeling about the electricity bill. I like the heat but it is the 100% humidity that really is the killer. I’d love a wood burning stove but our winter is not really that cold x

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  3. We are having an unusually rough winter this year and our wood stove is earning it’s keep. We also have oil filled electric radiator heaters for individual rooms we are in and they use very little electricity. We keep afghans all over the place and always have layers on. It is possible to stay warm without breaking the bank. I admit I am a little tired of snow!


  4. I am having the opposite problem, I am sunny Queensland, Australia and currently over 35 C and I am sitting in front of the fan trying to stay cool and drinking masses to stay hydrated.


  5. I am seriously thinking of getting a woodburner put in. We moved house a few months ago and the chimneys need checking. When I’m here, there’s no heating on; but when my OH works at home, as he has the last 2 days, it’s on ALL THE TIME (grrrrr). It’s oil-fired, but still expensive (paid over £450 for another 1000l today). We have a front room/bedroom where he works and where one of the chimneys is sited, so a woodburner could be an option in there.


  6. We love our wood stove and spend the summer months acquiring wood for winter. The heating is on timer so its warm in the mornings and a few hours in the evenings. I do switch off radiators etc that are not needed. I have also made draft excluders and close curtains etc. Warm fleeces and hot water bottles are available when needed,along with big fluffy throws.Personally I would sooner have to keep warm than suffer very hot weather. No lie and fry holidays for me thank you.


  7. We’re about to move from our draughty 4 bed house that’s a nightmare to keep warm, to a small 2 bedroomed house that has open fires in the sitting and dining rooms. We’ve always wanted a woodburner so will be looking into the practicalities before next winter. I’ll remember your tip for circulating the heat as I think with the layout of the house it would work exactly the same for us.


  8. We’ve got two wood burners (one was donated when my MIL changed hers for a bigger one). The little one sits upstairs and we recently bought a stove fan, I had been skeptical about them but a friend recommended one. Anyhoo, it makes a big difference to moving the hot air around and heating the upstairs of our wee hoose. Just a suggestion if you’re trying to heat other areas than just the one room.


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