Expensive food occasionally?

Hello Dear Reader, 

I can’t remember when I first ate an avocado but I’ve always loved them. There are certain foods that just shouldn’t taste as wonderful, such as oysters, octopus or avocado, but they do. Slow cooked octopus is heavenly, salty oysters are divine and creamy avocado is my very favourite vegetable. Sadly,  they are prohibitively expensive but we do try and have them every now and then. Oysters are something we really only splash out on every so many years.

I’m trying to look after myself and my go to pick me up is always dark green vegetables and I love the sweetness of butternut squash to go with it, so I spiralized some squash, steamed it for two minutes as the kale was just finishing steaming. Some chicken and a good squeeze of lemon juice and our hearty supper was finished. We had half a slice of rye bread each with a thin smear of butter.

Our avocados were £1 each but they just melted when we ate them. That might not seem much but we try and keep our main meal to a pound or under. Sometimes though, it’s worth spending a bit more. 

So, what’s your go to splash out? Anyone else love a creamy avocado?

Until tomorrow,

Love Froogs xxxx


48 thoughts on “Expensive food occasionally?

    • Dark chocolate alpro is my desert of choice on the rare occasion I have a pud. I buy 4 … One for me and each of my daughters, we fight over the 4th and the dog gets to link the pots.

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  1. Avocados are just so yummy and I think I would choose one over a bar of chocolate. I love to eat them with just some sweet chilli sauce in that perfect little space designed for that little something! Have recently discovered the joy of kale, I stir fried it in a little oil with sliced onion and garlic and added a touch of parmesan at the end. All green veggies are favourites here except okra, just too slimy, makes me shudder!


  2. Our splurge is smoked salmon aad fresh bagels. It’s usually reserved for Christmas breakfast. I must be odd, but I have never liked avocados.


  3. Hi Froogs, I adore avo’s, as I type this I am just finishing our favourite weekend breakfast of toast with Vegemite, smashed avo and a perfectly cooked egg on top. I always say to lovely hubby, when we have finished our beautiful breakfast, that will be $15.00 thank you! That is how much you would pay for that breakfast out, $20 if you include the cuppa. Have a lovely weekend.

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  4. I live in Aus and avos can be so expensive. When I left for England they were around the $5 mark each. Even so I do buy them and have them on toast as a breakfast treat. My mother can barely eat meat now so i buy her fillet steak and it is a rare thing as it so expensive. I also occasionally splurge on some soft berries. Yummy but at around $7.50 for 125 g they are a very rare treat.

    Once my aunt commented that I was prepared to spend $2 on a few cherries. Yes i do but I think that money is better spent on fruit than chocolates or other sweets.


    • I’m in Australia and I’ve been buying avocados for $1.49 each lately! The berries have been cheap too – I paid $2 for raspberries last week (they’re only $3 this week in Aldi) The watermelon has been divine lately as well as the pineapple (cheap at $2 each) I love fresh fruit and veg!


  5. My local greengrocer often has bags of 6 or 7 avocados for £1. There’s usually at least 1 or 2 duds in the bag but at that price I really don’t mind. My splash out for food these days is any sort of meat – I only eat at least free range and preferably organic so it tends to be expensive. Luckily, I am more than happy eating a mainly vegetarian diet


  6. We are in Texas, so avocados are usually fairly affordable (and I love them!), but good fish is a big splurge, so we only indulge once or twice a year. Our other splurge, slightly more often, is lamb.


  7. Avocados are relatively cheap here (on sale for $0.39 last week!) probably because I live so close to Mexico. My go-to splurge food is ALWAYS fancy cheeses. Nice gruyere, Stilton, havarti, Gorgonzola…etc. I have to close my eyes while walking past the cheese monger at the grocery store if I’m trying to keep it cheap 😬


  8. I enjoy too many food treats as it is. Thick grilled lamb chops in summer. Lobster when we travel to a place where it’s really good. Good chocolate. Ripe peaches. Strawberries. And many are not even expensive: I like to cut sirloin tip roasts into small cubes and cook in beef broth for a couple hours on top of the stove. Thicken the broth into gravy–husband would as soon have that over mashed potatoes as the finest steak! Blueberries make him happy–as long as they come in more than 6 oz packages, I will pay the price. ($2.99 per pint isn’t bad in winter, when they are available.) I just love food!!


  9. Me too! Love smashed avocado, pea fritters and chips. This is a treat for me too. Works when the weather is gloomy, damp and dark. Feels like sunshine when I eat this.


  10. I only buy avocados on sale, about $0.50 or less. They are often the same price as or less than a candy bar. My one big splurge is cherries. Still, I only buy when they are on sale.


  11. A treat once in a while does you good. My weaknesses are Kit Kats. The problem is if I buy a packet in Poundland they are gone before you know it. But there are delicious.


  12. Oysters have to be my all time luxury food, although an upset stomach kept me away from them for a while! Whilst trying veganuary I have been having the occasional fried mushrooms, tomatoes and spinach on toast topped with some green lentils and half an avocado and chopped fresh parsley. This is delicious and definitely preferred to bacon egg and sausage which I would normally have in its place! Definitely a keeper.


  13. I bought a bag of Avocados ( 5 for $2.50 canadian) which I think is pretty reasonable. I do love them, My other splash out would be shrimp.


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