I spiralize 

Hello Dear Reader,

I’ve been on the hunt for a spiralizer for a while and found one in B and M for £9.99. I made a ragu sauce with low fat pork and then just stirred in the raw courgette ribbons.

Really cheap and we had two courgette each. My sauce is watery as I don’t add any thickening. I’m trying to be good although I have the breaking strain of a kit kat and did think this would have been better with grated cheese. I didn’t give in (today).

It was much tastier than it looked.

Do you spiralize? Any veggi-getti recipe ideas are welcome.

Until tomorrow,

Love Froogs xxx 


19 thoughts on “I spiralize 

  1. I had a reasonably healthy lunch and then gave in to the chocolate! disappointed in myself.

    I have never spiralised but I am tempted… I might try it sometime soon.


  2. I bought my daughter one for Christmas. We have a small version which takes for forever. Simple things things like courgettes cost a lot where I live. I must try to grow some soon.


  3. I do spiralize! I am intolerant to all gluten, have a life threatening allergy to wheat and need to minimize my carbs, so I love to do this!
    My sauce is thick so I usually boil the zuchini ribbons a few minutes, drain and pour the red sauce with ground beef over the zuchini. I also chop spinach very tiny and mix in the red sauce. I started that when my son was small and struggled with iron deficiency.
    I also use the zuchini noodles or cubes with a chicken veggie stir fry instead of noodles. It is delicious!
    Take Care.


  4. I found a spiralizer in the charity shop where I volunteer for 50¢. Bran new. I too, am looking for recipes and stuff to spiralize. 🙂


  5. you can also bake the spirals in the oven with sauce and a little cheese to make it more of a lasagna type dish. Although, you’d have to use a thicker sauce since the courgette let off water.


  6. In summer one of my favourite (& so simple to prepare) meals is a plate of spiralised zucchini (courgette) topped with chopped tomatoes, basil and other fresh herbs from garden, some finely chopped red onion, a little olive oil, plus a sprinkling of something crunchy eg sunflower seeds, chopped almonds or walnuts etc. Yum!

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  7. I have not tried it yet–must be one of the few on two continents, at least. I don’t mind veggies whole and just don’t want another gadget to take up space. Everyone does seem to like the taste, however.


  8. Yep, I spiralize. The zucchini, sorry courgette, is naturally watery so it will water down your sauce. But, you can give it a quick sauté with a little olive oil or whatever and it will make your zoodles soft and less watery🙂

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  9. I would like to give spiralizing a go as I would very happily eat zoodles over pasta any day. I’ve been put off by the cost of a new spiralizer though so I’m waiting until I see one at a second-hand shop. I have zucchini growing in my garden at the moment and spiralizing would be another way to use them in meals. Meg


  10. I like to salt my spirals and let them sit, them squeeze them in a clean kitchen towel. It helps remove some of the liquid, and I like the texture better too. And our favorite way to eat them is to cook up some bacon and onions until they’re nice and brown, then add garlic powder and the zoodles.


  11. Yes I too spiralize. My dd wants to reduce her intake of noodles so we do courgetti and carrotti. The other day as a treat I did ‘parsnippi’ and ‘carrotti’ buttered with a roast dinner. Very nice. I have long thought that with the Mediterranean diet being emphasized as desirable, I noticed with my dd’s generation they eat an awful lot of largely white pasta. So any substitution is worth it sometimes. Normally I steam them before using as a pasta substitute.


  12. My family like carrots the best with a Raghu they don’t go watery and dilute everything. The spirals can be baked, an oil spray and some spices can work well with sweet potato to accompany chillis for example.


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