Woodland quilt 

Hello Dear Reader,

It’s been ages since I shared any of my quilting with you. I had some odd fat quarters that I’ve wanted to add into a quilt for ages. Previously, I thought of an autumn quilt and now I’m thinking woodland.

I’m using Bonnie Hunter’s quilt design called Bricks and Stepping stones but I sized the four square blocks up to 4.5 by 4.5″ and the ‘bricks’ to 4.5 by 8″. It makes slightly bigger blocks and I can get the quilt made quicker.

Here’s the link to the original pattern with Bonnie’s brilliant instructions. I love her patterns and find them so easy to use.

Below is the pattern I used before with the original sizes of blocks. It gives a lovely repeating patterns and you can add a border to get it to the size you’d like. I seldom make and edge to edge quilt as I like a border.


I’m currently sorting through my fabric to make another quilt as I’ll have this one made in no time. I never look forward to the wrestling a huge quilt through my machine when I come to quilt it but as I have neither the space or huge financial investment to buy a long arm machine, I just use a regular machine to quilt and bind. It’s a workout.

I’ve just about finished all the blocks today. Just in case you’re wondering, yes, I’m still quilting all the time and aim to make around three king size or queen size quilts a year and a couple of throws. All of the quilts I’ve previously made are in France now so I need to get quilts finished for here.

Who else is quilting? Anyone else making or going to make Bonnie’s ‘En Provence’? I’m on the hunt for some magenta and lilac fabric and will be nosing around charity shops for shirts next weekend. I might not have much luck with the magenta!

Until tomorrow,

Love Froogs xxxx


19 thoughts on “Woodland quilt 

  1. I quilt and have quite a large stash of fabric – an investment for when I retire. my last large quilt was made quilt as you go , in three long strips and it worked well. I still have a couple of the borders to FMQ when my fractured collarbone is healed.


  2. I quilt, and have used Bonnie’s pattern “Four Patch ansld Furrows” for a kid’s quilt. I don’t have a longarm, and simply don’t see how you get a large quilt quilted on a home machine! I have tried and tried, but always get puckers. I hand quilt on a big hoop, then use my machine for the binding. I have also done a “quilt as you go”four patch, where I sewed four blocks together, then machine quilted those to the batting, adding the borders to the blocks on the outside. When all the units were quilted to the batting, I machine sewed these units together row by row, right sides together, and trimmed the seams. Then I stitched the rows together. When the top layer, (quilt top which was now quilted to the batting) was all assembled, I basted it to the backing with spray adhesive. I then hand quilted around each set of four squares to secure the backing, then sewed the binding. I haven’t the patience for a lot of fussy hand stitching–a simple running quilting stitch is my limit, so I try to use my machine wherever I can. This means I fully machine stitch my binding. I start with the BACK of the quilt, then use my machine’s zig zag stitch to sew the binding to the quilt front.
    I love to make quilts, and get all my fabric from thrift shops, old clothes or bedding.


      • 505 spray and batting (wadding in the U.K.) are my biggest quilt expenses. That, and thread. For batting, I like Warm and Natural, which is actually local to where I live. I stock up on the yearly sale.in our big name fabric store. I am also not above piecing together leftover scraps of batting for my quilt sandwich. With thread, I prefer Gutterman all purpose for machine piecing, and Gutterman all cotton hand quilting thread for my hand quilting. Expensive, but I feel I can splurge, as my fabric is always, if not free, very cheap. Also, I think my sewing machine performs better with the better thread.


  3. I have such a stash of fabric and a desire to quilt. This is the year to make it so.

    I love the fabrics you are using and I am looking forward to viewing the finished item


  4. It took me absolutely ages to make a quilt for my daughters wedding. And I nearly ruined it when I used carpet glue instead of the proper stuff to stick it all together prior to quilting. Of course, I couldn’t actually quilt it after that mistake, the needle wouldn’t go through the glued parts.
    Very luckily it didn’t mark the top, an di just put another back on it to cover the marking there. After all that effort, I’m now thinking of doing another one and looking at patterns to use


  5. I’m currently quilting a queen sized quilt on my Juki 2000, not whole, but in quarters. I’ve gotten to the point where basting a whole quilt is too much. The 4 pieces are quilted, then joined on the front, then hand sewn together on the back. Sometimes I then machine quilt the join if it fits in the previous quilting design. I’ve used this technique with strips of blocks to put a king size quilt together too. It’s so much easier. Youtube has tons of ‘quilt as you go’ videos. I’ve not had to repair any seams, so they do hold up well. Good luck finding your shirts/fabrics (i recycle shirts too).


      • When machine quilting I usually start with a grid pattern of some kind, then free motion a design in any open space. I make many baby quilts which get a ‘in the ditch’ grid, or an all over free motion design. Thank you for blogging! We have such similar interests that each post is informative.


  6. Hi Froogs,
    I love quilting, but I haven’t started one in a long time. I made two baby quilts and lots of bags last year but I have some lovely fat quarters to make up into a quilt soon for one of my grand nieces. I am going to use the “eye spy” pattern from Jenny at the Missouri Star Quilt Company. I love her YouTube clips and often have them running when I am in my sewing room.


  7. I have made quilted pillows and have two quilt tops currently started, but have stalled for a long time!! I keep saying when I’m too old to get out and about, I will work on them. So far it’s not happening. I love your color combinations. The woodland quilt is one I especially like and can’t wait to see it when it’s together!


  8. Hi there, I have found that a quilt is not just for the bed, I have at least 5 downstairs so everyone can snuggle there’s one in the car, then there’s the camping quilts,then there’s just incase quilts, I’m still making quilts it’s mad how something so insignificant is so useful.


  9. Love your fabric choices, really great. I was intrigued as to what “stitch in the ditch” meant so at midnight last night I was watching youtube videos. Now I understand it – a bit, anyway. 😊


  10. Great to see you putting your quilts on the blog again, you got me quilting again a few years ago. I quilt on a very old sewing machine I have had for years and after buying my mother a new basic one for her birthday and finding how much smoother and easier it is to sew on it I am starting to look for a new one for me. The problem is I get so confused (and carried away) with the fancy things they can do, I worry I will spend too much money on things I would not use. I would love to know what things you have on your sewing machine you would not like to do without?


  11. Hi Froogs
    I too love quilting and have made many Bonnie quilts. I have been following her for years. I am a hand piecer and hand quilter and at the moment I’m three quarters through En Provence and loving it.


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