Woodland quilt 

Hello Dear Reader,

It’s been ages since I shared any of my quilting with you. I had some odd fat quarters that I’ve wanted to add into a quilt for ages. Previously, I thought of an autumn quilt and now I’m thinking woodland.

I’m using Bonnie Hunter’s quilt design called Bricks and Stepping stones but I sized the four square blocks up to 4.5 by 4.5″ and the ‘bricks’ to 4.5 by 8″. It makes slightly bigger blocks and I can get the quilt made quicker.

Here’s the link to the original pattern with Bonnie’s brilliant instructions. I love her patterns and find them so easy to use.

Below is the pattern I used before with the original sizes of blocks. It gives a lovely repeating patterns and you can add a border to get it to the size you’d like. I seldom make and edge to edge quilt as I like a border.


I’m currently sorting through my fabric to make another quilt as I’ll have this one made in no time. I never look forward to the wrestling a huge quilt through my machine when I come to quilt it but as I have neither the space or huge financial investment to buy a long arm machine, I just use a regular machine to quilt and bind. It’s a workout.

I’ve just about finished all the blocks today. Just in case you’re wondering, yes, I’m still quilting all the time and aim to make around three king size or queen size quilts a year and a couple of throws. All of the quilts I’ve previously made are in France now so I need to get quilts finished for here.

Who else is quilting? Anyone else making or going to make Bonnie’s ‘En Provence’? I’m on the hunt for some magenta and lilac fabric and will be nosing around charity shops for shirts next weekend. I might not have much luck with the magenta!

Until tomorrow,

Love Froogs xxxx