It’s only a bargain if you need it 

Hello Dear Reader,

Keeping to the topic of saving money in the supermarket and answering the interesting question of why I don’t buy reduced food at the of the day in supermarkets. One of the reasons is that I’m in bed early and I don’t want to trawl the supermarkets. More importantly, I write a plan for the week, check what I need by stock taking at home and then shop with a list that I stick to.

On my way home as part of my commute, I pass Lidl and Aldi on the same street and buy most of what we eat, wash ourselves with and clean our house with from there. Both stores have reduced price fruit and veg every week. My list this week will include a bag of lemons, red onions and mushrooms. I’ll also pop into Aldi and buy kiwi fruit, a pineapple, spinach, kale and apples and all really cheaply. 

I often find, a lot of supermarket ‘bargains’ are processed food which has its place and isn’t all bad but it’s not to our taste. We like simple homemade food and lots of the buy one, get one free offers would be easy to pop in the trolley as it seems such a good deal but if it’s not on the plan or shopping list then we don’t need it. 

However, 49p at Lidl and 59p at Aldi are worth dropping in on my way home and incorporating into my menu plan for the week.

Until tomorrow,

Love Froogs xxx