Saving money with Ding Cuisine and a biscuit tin.

Hello Dear Reader,

There are two things that have saved me a whole heap of money are my microwave and this old biscuit tin. I

I try and have something sweet to have with a cup of tea and gluten free products are so expensive that I always make my own. When my children were young, every weekend, I’d make flapjacks, jam tarts and a fruit cake. I’d also make regular shortbread for them so they’d have milk and a biscuit if they were hungry before bed.

To make my gluten free shortbread.

250g gluten free flour

150g of butter

90g of caster sugar

1/2 GF baking powder

Rub in butter to the flour, add the sugar. 

Use your hands to form this into a dough. It’s very short and can easily fall apart.

Divide into two and roll out into two sausage shapes approximately 5cm across, they do spread. Then slice them, one cm thick.

Chill for 20 – 30 minutes.

Bake on a lined baking tray at 180 for 15 minutes.

My other money saving favourite us ‘ding cuisine’. I don’t always feel like cooking everyday and I certainly don’t feel like cooking on a Monday so I always plate up four meals and we reheat two the following day.

There’s plenty of meals that reheat well like casserole or ragu sauce. Here’s where I’ll hand this over to you. What do you make that reheats well?

Until tomorrow,

Love Froogs x


14 thoughts on “Saving money with Ding Cuisine and a biscuit tin.

  1. Bolognese, cottage pie, lasagne, macaroni cheese bake with veg, tomato and vegetable pasta sauce, pork ragu, chicken chasseur, beef and sweet potato casserole, soups, Greek lamb stew and curry! It’s been a while since I’ve had time but I’m hoping to get back to doing a weekly batch cook as we will have a new schedule from next week. Happy New Year to you!


  2. I also appreciate a night off of cooking! I called this “planned overs” and it’s exactly what is on the menu tonight! Yesterday’s Sunday supper was a roast turkey and all of the trimmings. Today, we will fill our own plates, and make “ding cuisine” as you call it. Your plates of food look delicious!


  3. Macaroni cheese, spag bol, Shepherd’s pie, beef stew, ratatouille. I don’t have a microwave but I defrost the night before then put in my cast iron bottom oven to heat up all day.

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  4. Hi,your Gluten Free biscuits look very yummy!
    Like you,we will happily eat the same meal twice,a favourite here is a Vegetarian Bolognaise type sauce(made with veggie mince,pasta sauce,tinned tomatoes,chopped red,yellow peppers,chopped courgettes,chopped onions and mushrooms,garlic and paprika)all cooked in the slow cooker.We eat it over pasta on the first night,over jacket potatoes the second night and with boiled potatoes and steamed vegetables on night three,cheap,tasty and very filling,reheats beautifully and tastes best on that third day once all the flavours have mingled!
    Jenna xxx

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  5. Chilli, beef bourgignon, cottage pie, meatballs, any roast meat (I usually put it in a hot bap with gravy) soups, sausage and mash, curry. I quite often freeze the above and then use them in the last week of the month ~ so I get a sort of free week and try and save that week’s housekeeping money.


  6. I followed your braised red cabbage slow cooker recipe this year. I froze 3 tubs and can confirm that once defrosted, it’s lovely after a few minutes in the microwave. Everyone who tried it loved it.
    We regularly re-heat stews and meat & potato pie – both taste so much better second time around.


  7. Curry, pasta sauce, spaghetti Bol, cottage pie and braising steak. We ate everything out of the freezer the week running up to Christmas which meant saving money and an empty freezer to store all the Christmas food.


  8. We don’t have a microwave but we reheat on the hob or in the oven. Meals include soup, stew, curry, bolognese, pasta bakes, cottage pie and twice baked potato but my favorite is hash made from left over meat and veg. We’re also quite happy to eat pasta, quinoa or rice salad cold the next day. In addition, I’ll freeze cooked sausages, homemade sausage rolls, pizza and bell peppers stuffed with chilli then defrost to have as cold lunches.

    We’re trying to teach our children not to be fussy eaters (hopefully!).

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