Save money on your food bill

Hello Dear Reader,

Here’s another day of how I save money on my food bill. No big secret and not to everyone’s taste or liking. Frozen fruit and veg.

We try to eat five or more portions of fruit and veg a day. Some days it’s more and some days it’s less. I buy plenty of fresh vegetables from Aldi and always stretch the budget with their Super 6 and lots of supermarkets now have really good veggie offers. 

My money saving tip today is to use frozen fruit and vegetables. For lunch today, I had a huge plateful of steamed vegetables and all of them were cooked from frozen. I pay 89p a kilo f mixed vegetables and I had about 300g for lunch with two grilled tomatoes and a dusting of grated Parmesan.

I also buy frozen fish, fruit, sometimes sausages and chicken but when I buy frozen, I can budget easily and there’s no waste. Something’s, I always buy frozen, such as leeks, spinach and cauliflower. I find those three items go off too quickly if I buy them fresh. I also always buy berries frozen for the same reason. I buy raspberries and blackberries frozen and they are half the price of fresh and nothing goes to waste.

It might not seem much of a saving but I don’t waste anything and I get to eat lovely raspberries with yogurt for pudding when the fresh are too expensive.

Off topic, when I can’t be bothered to cook, we eat ‘on toast’. DB usually chooses a basics tin of spaghetti on toast and I’ll choose either beans or poached eggs. I know plenty of people who will go out to eat or order in a take away but we just go for anything we can heat up in five minutes.

So, over to you. Who eats frozen fruit and veg? 

Until tomorrow,

Love Froogs xxxx


27 thoughts on “Save money on your food bill

  1. There is only DB and I at home and the great thing about frozen fruit and veg is you can have a small amount of lots of different items rather than having to repeat the same food to avoid waste .

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  2. I always have a stock of frozen veg as fresh here can sometimes be very expensive, like you I sometimes waste it so frozen is the most economical and has the same nutritional value as fresh


  3. I buy fresh sprouts the rest of my veg are frozen. It means I can mix and match a handful of this and that. The fresh sprouts get cooked and I freeze them so I have bubble and squeak ingredients ready to go. My husband loves mango so I buy that frozen too. He takes it to work as a pudding with his sandwiches. I always buy frozen berries too. We eat loads of fruit and veg and frozen makes that possible.

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  4. The thing about frozen is that the nutrition is stable, as against fresh which loses vitamins the longer it’s stored. But- beware the cost of the Super 6 ( other equivalents) : the unit price is sometimes higher than a different package of the same thing along the shelf!

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  5. I’m with you, frozen veg is a staple here, and I generally buy berries frozen too, unless I forage blackberries and then open freeze them myself. I even buy roast potatoes and sometimes mash frozen these days, Aldi’s are just as cheap as fresh (maybe even cheaper when you take into account the cooking cost as well) and without the need for preparation. Some fruit, such as pineapple and mango I wouldn’t bother with at all if I had to prepare fresh. Happy New Year, Love Helen xx


  6. I buy frozen blueberries as I love them on my plain porridge and fresh are much too expensive and do not last. I only have a small portion each day so this is a perfect way for me. Frozen spinach is brilliant as it goes in soups and curries and no waste. Love frozen soya beans, peas, cauli and french beans – great for us as we are vegetarian. I often adapt your lovely meals and find they work really well. xx

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  7. Yep, I have frozen berries with my breakfast most days & I always have frozen peas, French beans & usually baby carrots in the freezer. Have also recently discovered frozen corn on the cob – just as delicious as fresh.


  8. Agree that the freezer case can offer some real value: plain fish fillets, fzn plain veg/fruit are staples here. I choose to eat seasonally. Farms/gardens have been over for months now, the only local produce available is that from Winter storage such as squash. My family size is shrinking as kids fly the nest, work schedules interfer with dinner etc so I find that the bags of plain produce offer no waste. Pour out what you need, save the rest in the freezer for another time.


  9. I buy frozen and also try to freeze fresh, as much as possible. We always buy frozen berries. It’s ridiculous to buy out of season fruit now which costs the earth.We,’ve had today a Gammon which I bought last new years eve. It kept perfectly and was delicious.


  10. Frozen or canned fruits and vegetables use produce which is at its peak of perfection when picked and is processed within hours , whereas out of season, fruit/veg are picked before fully ripe, and transported long distances. I would think the nutrition is lessoned, certainly flavour is not so good. I live in a farming community and able to get fresh produce in season which I usually freeze, then only need to take out as much as I require.

    Thank you very much Froogs for your recipes and ideas for healthier and economical meals. I have read your blog for a long time, and have not left a reply, but I have benefited greatly from it.

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  11. Yes, we do, so handy. Love to use them in overnight oats,basics porridge oats,half a small mug mixed with third of same mug Nat yoghurt,two thirds milk ant thawed berries, a little brown sugar if want sweeter. Sometimes use fresh banana and cinnamon or dried fruit if out of fresh or frozen.Yum.

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  12. We, too, have a mixture for fresh and frozen. I really do not like many tinned foods. It would be great if there was a greater range of frozen foods available in Australia.


  13. I’ve always bought my berries frozen because fresh is too expensive. I’ve recently started buying my veg frozen too. It’s much easier to prepare and I don’t have to worry about waste. I’m loving the tips!


  14. Mostly frozen veg here in Texas, for some strange reason fresh veg is really expensive and of poor quality. How I miss the Aldi super 6!


  15. I pick and freeze over 6 gallon bags worth of blackberries a year from my property. They show up n various ways all year long.
    I daresay that here in tge U.S. fozen veggies are more common than fresh.


    • not really there is lots of fresh fruit and vegys available frozen is just cheaper and less wasteful. And during the winter frozen tastes better as well.


  16. I got that tip many years ago from an elderly lady who saw me purchase a cabbage, She said “I only buy frozen these days less waste!”


  17. I use more and more frozen to cut back on waste. Frozen sweetcorn is a favourite snack for one of my hungry teen girls after school steamed with grated cheese on top … better than a bag of crisps. I use broad beans and stir fry mixes, spinach, leeks, peas and berries. Tried frozen broccoli and prefer fresh but that is quite cheap to buy and I grow it most of the year. A pile of veg with cheese for lunch is perfect.


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  19. Happy New Year and first ever comment from a long-time reader. I agree about frozen berries. They are so much cheaper than fresh and keep their quality for a long time. I also recently discovered how good frozen mackerel fillets are. I get mine from Iceland, but they are available elsewhere too. They retain their flavour and are very convenient for a quick meal. I buy various frozen veg, and have also found that if I buy a fresh cabbage, chop it all up and freeze it in portions, it stays good without blanching for up to 6 weeks.


  20. Absolutely agree about frozen food. So convenient and so little waste. The frozen fruit’s great, but I think the canned varieties get overlooked sometimes. Tinned peaches, grapefruit and so on are handy to have in the store cupboard, and good for use in baking.
    The other benefit I do find with a freezer is that it’s a good place to stash yellow stickered items that otherwise need to be used rapidly. The supermarkets have been sellilng off lots of surplus fruit & veg from their Christmas stock lately. An ideal time to stock the freezer with parsnips, swede and other root veg to use over the next few weeks/months.


  21. Frozen berries here are expensive. They are the same price as the fresh ones usually. I buy fresh in season and buy frozen in winter. I’ve bought frozen fish filets (usually flounder) and that works out great because they come in a freezer bag separately packaged and I can take out as many as I want without any waste. I buy all fresh veg with the exception of frozen peas. We seem to eat the fresh veg fast and I usually have no problem with waste. The only time I find that I waste fresh veg is if I go food shopping and then my husband decides to stop at the store and buys more than we can eat. It doesn’t happen that often so I will stick to what I do which works for us. Food costs are different around the world and here (NJ in USA) they tend to be expensive including frozen foods. Because of the preparation of the frozen food, you can pay just as much for the frozen as for the fresh. The only difference is the convenience of using what you need and being able to save the rest for another day. I try to keep to a list of what I’m going to cook for the week so I don’t waste anything.


  22. We buy some frozen vegetables but I think that I might send my husband to Farmfoods to look at what other vegetables are available there. He said that Farmfoods is directly across the road from the Lidl he shops at.

    I love the idea of veggies with grated cheese on top.

    Thank you for the top tips!



  23. We are a family of seven and I manage to keep us well fed for around a hundred pounds per week by relying on my freezer. I buy bags of frozen fruit and vegetables and we purchase chicken, meat, cheese and fish when its on offer and freeze it. Without using frozen food and cooking from scratch I dread to think what our weekly shop would cost. We also have a baked potato or home made soup for meal one evening a week. I can’t imagine a world without my freezer.


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