Glad of the rest

Hello Dear Reader,

After several books, snacking and quite a few naps, I can safely say we feel rested and ready to take on the new year. Our new stove and shed full of logs have kept us warm and comfortable. It also boiled our kettle and dried our clothes. We call our clothes stand our Breton tumble drier. 

We haven’t done much or been far. We walked the dogs a couple of times a day and pootled about the village to the local shops and to the bakers. We did a bit of gardening, tidied up the shed and I scrubbed the ground floor shutters. 

We’ll get back to work on the house in the Easter break. It will be a slow renovation as we’ll just do as much as we can afford and time allows. We love the peace of Huelgoat and the surrounding countryside so fixing up the house will be just part of our visits.

See you back in Cornwall,

Until then,

Love Froogs xxx


9 thoughts on “Glad of the rest

  1. Hi Frugal Queen,

    I was laying in bed late last night thinking the same thing. I love reading your blog. I love your simple posts and simple pictures (the log burning stove). It’s so peaceful here. I am really enjoying watching your Normandy adventure. I loved the pics of the empty supermarket.

    Happy 2017.

    Love Jo x


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