Beautiful sunny day

Hello Dear Reader,

The cloudy weather both virtual and metaphorical has lifted and we headed into the forest. I find Christmas utterly depressing and feel like a whole new person once it’s over. Just remember when you’re giving people the ‘lighten up, it’s about creating memories’ twaddle that those of us who hate the whole debarkle are doing all we can go be polite when actually want to tell you  to stop being so insensitive as we’re not doing this on purpose and just need to be left alone and quiet for a while.

My place of healing and well being is always outside and a good walk in Huelgoat forest in the sunshine is just perfect. We live at the top of a hill overlooking the lake and forest. 

The well trodden paths through the forest are a great place to walk even in the depths of winter. I always love waking up to a frost as I know it’s going to be a sunny day.

It’s difficult to understand the size of the rocks, so I, all 5′ 10″ of me, stood next to them.

We go home on Thursday and I hope the sunshine continues. Stay warm wherever you are and I hope you have some bright days to enjoy.

Until tomorrow,

Love Froogs xxxxx


22 thoughts on “Beautiful sunny day

  1. Bravo! My mom is in her eighties and the whole month of December is an exercise in unhappiness for her for a lot of reasons. She spent my childhood decorating and baking her way through it. Apologizing for being depressed when people just needed to leave her alone. Who says everyone HAS to like/love/enjoy Christmas?


  2. It’s so good to hear someone admit they hate Christmas, I hate it also and if I had my way I would spend it quietly in some beautiful place in nature with no material junk around!


  3. I totally agree. I hate Christmas too and agree that I feel like a weight has lifted once it is all over. I feel we are meant to conform to overspending, overeating and over drinking. Glad you are now able to escape to France for peace and escapism.


  4. Before I read this post and all the replies, I thought I was the only one to hate all the mess. overspending and overeating, that goes with Christmas. Thanks for not making me feel so bad about my feelings.


  5. Goodness, I’m glad you posted that. I’m not depressed, I don’t have SAD, I dont have miserable childhood Christmas memories, I just don’t like all the Christmas hype. I’m not a Grinch, I don’t want to spoil anyone else’s Christmas if they enjoy it. But don’t try to make me feel guilty for wanting to avoid the whole mess.


  6. Hope you don’t mind me asking, but how do the rest of your family feel about your Christmas getaways? I would love to rent a little cottage somewhere peaceful at Christmas, but I worry it would be regarded as antisocial. I loathe all of the commercialism and madness at this time of year.


  7. I am so glad it is all over too. However, we still have new year’s eve to endure. I hate new year’s eve and often go to bed early. People look at me like I am mad when I say I hate it. “But why?” Is the usual whine! Roll on next week when life is back to real normal.


  8. I can’t stand Christmas either. It’s not my cup of tea and living with a lovely DB who has SAD and feels the pressure of this event is something we could do without. Happy for others to enjoy it as they will but we keep quiet about plans as they try to rope us in.


  9. This thread is so refreshing . My favourite day of the year is Boxing day as it means Christmas is over and the gloom will start to subside . Thought I was the only one who hates the forced socialising and pressure to be cheerful , but seems I may be normal after all 😊.


  10. Each year, I find a way to do less at Christmas, i.e., no going to the shops, less decorations, less gifts, less food preparation etc, which has reduced my anxiety levels over Christmas. However, what I find stressful is how much entertaining I am expected to do. My mother-in-law, partner and dog come for 10 days. I love my family and love having visitors to visit but I also like a clean house (I have to ‘hide’ my cleaning from my husband and his mum or they have a go at me). I struggle with the extra people (and mess) for this period but nobody seems to understand my stress. Thank you for letting me vent!

    Thank you also for your truthful blog.



  11. It’s a sad time of year for me but I manage to get through it by planning v carefully. One of my regular plans involves spending November finding lots of lovely recipes to cook (soups, stews, old fashioned puddings etc) and buying the ingredients in advance. Then in the run-up to Christmas and over Christmas itself I cook something every day, freeze leftovers so have a really selfish time doing something I love, don’t normally have time for and end up with not having to shop for much in the dark days of January.


  12. I celebrate the religious festival and little else. My husband and I spend Christmas Day together. We go to church in the morning, come home and cook a nice meal – no excessive eating and then spend the rest of the day with our noses in a book. I woke up on Boxing Day with a feeling of great relief.


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