DIY driving us up the wall

Hello Dear Reader,

The rain stopped today and it’s brighter. We talked to our neighbours when they were here in the summer holiday to get his permission to go into their garden and get the ivy off our side wall.

We only have a short ladder so we couldn’t get it all off but we did our best with what we had.

We snipped and pulled, moved to he ladder and snipped and pulled again.

I did my bit and pulled off the lower ivy.

You can see the inverted V shape where the ivy used to be.

It’s not bad considering how much ivy there was previously. I’d forgotten how relaxing physical work can be.

The last bits were really tricky and I hope what we left will die back.

One day, we’ll paint the house cream like all the neighbouring houses but for now, I’ll settle with bare walls. I’ve dug out some of the path around our front gate and we’re off to the brico for some gravel. In between, we come inside for a warm up, a coffee and a dog snuggle. 

Until tomorrow,

Love Froogs x


6 thoughts on “DIY driving us up the wall

  1. Looks like a job well done! We battle ivy here all the time. It is always creeping back up our big trees. We cut it off at the ground and it dies above that but it is job that has to be done 2-3 times a year.

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  2. We had ivy up our walls when we moved into our house over twenty years ago. My husband used a spade to get it off, he used the spade like a great big paper scraper. I feel for you it sticks to walls like glue.

    Happy Christmas.


  3. Ivy is tenacious stuff. Well done. Ours finally died when a tornado ripped it up. It was the only damage we had and we considered it a job well done.


  4. I understand that it comes off more easily when dead, so one practice is to cut the stems at ground level and then try to kill the roots. Don’t know how well it works long term…ivy is tenacious stuff! Good luck. It’s true how lovely it is to be out in the winter, doing some garden stuff then coming in for hot drinks. Feeling freshened and virtuous.


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