A day trip in the fog 

Hello Dear Reader,

We headed out, or should I say crawled out carefully through patchy fog today. It’s typical of the winter solstice for there to be so little light that we had to go look for some today. We went to Crozon, which is a holiday resort by the sea. It had lots of hotels, restaurants and an expanse of beaches that I’ll enjoy sitting on in the summer. It was just over an hour from Huelgoat. If you look up the area on google maps, you’ll find the peninsula jutting out into the Atlantic. Weather permitting, we’ll be off somewhere tomorrow too.

Enjoy the shortest day, the light is on the way back xxxx

Love Froogs xxxxx



One thought on “A day trip in the fog 

  1. You had posted about the lack of light before and with this post it made me think of Seattle Washington, where it rains so much and is cloudy more than sunny and how people who have Seasonal Affective Disorder move away as they need more light or they become depressed. Two years ago Seattle had a mild winter with hardly any rain – and long time residents had S.A.D. from not enough clouds!


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