Hectic in France at Christmas?

Hello Dear Reader,

Above and below is the local Super U. We went at eleven this morning and we were greeted by an almost empty shop. No wall to wall panic buying, just families going about their business as usual. 

Lovely wine section; we bought some Breton cider for this evening. Again, we were the only people there. After a quick shop, it was back to Huelgoat to get out for a walk with the fluffies.

A twenty minute walk from home to one of Huelgoat’ famous stones.

Can you see it yet? 

Over the rickety bridge.

Through the leafless winter woodland.


To the mushroom! I can totally recommend a winter getaway to relax and unwind. There will be plenty of walkies, the odd glass of cider and a bit of gardening. 

To answer the question, no, it’s not hectic in France at Christmas x

Until tomorrow,

Love Froogs xxxx


8 thoughts on “Hectic in France at Christmas?

  1. I can feel how relaxed you are from here. Huelgoat looks wonderful and the empty shops, well, I can only say we have a lot to learn. Merry Christmas to you all. 🎄😊


  2. Interesting, compared to our frenzy of consumerism in the UK! Makes you think, why is the attitude of our friends across the channel so different?!


  3. It looks fantastic. That stone is amazing! We don’t go to the shops from November onwards, everything is bought online and as of next year, I’ve convinced my family to stop buying gifts for the grown-ups (it’s a total waste of money and energy as we all have everything we need). We are all set for a relaxing, quiet festive period with good food, wine and loved ones.

    I hope you have a fabulous time in France.

    Best wishes


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