Feet up

Hello Dear Reader,

Our first day here has been quiet, relaxing and with occasional dog walking. My prediction is there will be many of them.

We’ve had the fire lit all day and the house is warming up. Dinner is cooking, the red is open and breathing and a night of feet up is ahead of us.

It’s been blissfully quiet and I’m already into my first book; re-reading some AC Doyle….it suits the weather which is moody and foggy.

I took the photo on our last doggy walk with the sun setting over the lake.

Our shutters are closed for the night and we are warm and cozy.

Until tomorrow,

Love Froogs xxx


8 thoughts on “Feet up

  1. I’m most envious, but my break will come Friday. I’m not traveling, but the day after Christmas I am planning to settle into a few good books with my feet up. Celebrating the holiday early with family as you did, then giving yourself uninterrupted down time, has real appeal to me.


  2. Enjoy your time off! I’ve just retired from teaching at the age of 62 and know how desperately tiring a job it is! You NEED that time to recoup and recover for the sake of your sanity and health.
    DH and I are still working on our debt issues but fingers crossed we’ll have that sorted in the New Year! – Very long story!
    Your posts have boosted me on many occasions. Can’t claim to be as dedicatedly frugal as yourselves but have really cut back/economised/maximised spending etc. Thank you for the great job you do. Have a peaceful, relaxing break.


  3. Such a beautiful photo, enjoy the break! Term has ended and time for all to rest, recuperate, enjoy being with with loved ones and restore our souls. I hope you have a fabulous time!


  4. Have a lovely relaxing break. I must admit escaping the madness of Christmas would really appeal to me but I’m an only child with elderly parents so it would mean leaving them on their own and that doesn’t feel right.


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