Bangers and mash

Hello Dear Reader,

Thank you for your many kind comments, I didn’t post them but read and appreciated all of them 

I’ve kept up with the frugal and we’ve eaten out of the freezer and kept a grip on finances.

As normal for our weekday supper, I cook twice and we have ‘ding cuisine’ the next day. Tonight, I sliced an onion and popped it in the oven with a pack of gluten free sausages. We love sausages with onion gravy, booby potatoes and veggies.

You’ve just got to have a dollop of Dijon too.

We’re off to France on Friday night and will be there at dawn on Saturday and I’m sure you’ll come with DB, myself and the fluffies.

Until tomorrow,

Love Froogs xxxx


17 thoughts on “Bangers and mash

    • As part of my little boys advent calendar, I’ve done an activity with him each day. This week we baked for our neighbors, had friends over and bought food/toiletries to take to our local Trussell Trust. Although we donate throughout the year, I was also inspired by Frugal Queen to donate during the festive period.


  1. Glad to hear that you are feeling better. Sausages are a firm favorite with my boys. My hubby just picked up 5 packs reduced at Lidl tonight. They are now tucked away in the freezer to feed our guests over Christmas.

    Have a swift and safe journey.


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  2. Your bangers and mash looks great !. Sausage casserole freezes well too and is easy to batch cook in the slow cooker for “ding cuisine”.
    Hope you are now feeling a bit better and have a fabulous break in your lovely home in France .

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