Debt freedom will change your life


Hello Dear Reader,

I’ve long been a supporter of Christians against poverty. They work to help people and families clear debt. Unlike many debt management companies, they do what they do for free and if you follow the sensible advice they give, you will become debt free. They then continue to support families and individuals to remain debt free.

Those of you who’ve read my blog over many years will know that at one stage Dearly Beloved and I were £45K in personal debt. We changed our lives forever the day we decided to work our way out of debt and then work towards staying debt free. Other than our mortgage, we have no borrowings of any sort and have lived without any form of credits since 2011. Now, we live beneath our means and save everything can towards our retirement even though that’s a long way off in the future as we know we’ll have to live on a very reduced income one day and in a sort of way are practising for that now.

Here’s the latest press release from CAP and it’s good to read good news.


A new report shows nine in ten who ask for help with problem debt learn skills that keep them in the black for years afterwards.

Charity Christians Against Poverty (CAP) carried out in-depth telephone interviews with 214 previous debt clients who had cleared their debts up to five years before. The results were astonishing: 93 per cent were still free of problem debt. “Once you’ve lived with constant calls from creditors, the stresses of rent unpaid and visits from bailiffs, you really do not want to go back there,” said CAP’s Chief Executive Matt Barlow.

“The fantastic thing we see from The Freedom Report, as we’ve called it, is our clients have the personal determination and have learned the skills to keep them out of debt crisis. They know how to draw up a household budget and stick to it, allowing them to live within their means.”

Low income is the main cause of debt among CAP’s clients and, despite average household income being just over £14,000, the results were very positive:

• Three quarters (74%) had not used credit since becoming debt free

• More than eight in ten (85%) still felt in control of their finances

• Eight in ten (82%) were still living to a budget

• Nearly half (46%) now had savings

Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby, who campaigned for better regulation of the payday lending industry, and is CAP’s Patron, said: “It’s easy to imagine that someone living with poor finances will always be in that state, that poverty is too big a problem for us all to tackle.

“This report is exciting because it shows that if someone gets the right level of support, they can conquer their debt problems – not just to become debt free but also to stay in the black, without the need for expensive credit, successfully managing their household finances for years to come.

“It tells us that no matter how hopeless a situation can first look, significant change is possible.”

CAP, a charity favoured by TV’s Money Saving Expert Martin Lewis, is set to help 20,000 people in this, its 20th anniversary year.

I have included several links throughout this post to CAP’s website, you can use the search box to look for support in your area, whether that’s with debt, addiction of any kind, finding a job or going on one of their money courses. You don’t have to be in debt to get support and help with money, you just might be struggling each month to ever save even the smallest amount of money or just wonder where your salary goes every month.

Debt is vicious and it doesn’t care who it hurts. It grinds families down and keeps people awake at night. I  believe that living without debt is truly liberating and lightened my soul. If you want debt freedom and really don’t know where to turn, please try the support available from Christians against poverty. You don’t have to be a Christian, you can have any faith or none at all, they will help you without judgement and you don’t have to continue to live with the blight of debt.

I have been privileged to share the journey to debt freedom with many of you and have been more than delighted to have received emails from you about your stories. I always reply and love it when you keep in touch.

I’m not saying it’s going to be easy, but it will be worth it.

Until tomorrow,

Love Froogs xxxxx


3 thoughts on “Debt freedom will change your life

  1. Getting out of debt was the best thing I ever did. I still stick to my budget with only a slightly looser attitude than when I was in debt. I don’t skip on healthy food, but don’t indulge irrationally either.


  2. So pleased you continue to promote this wonderful charity. Unlike the bigger charities it does not have a large promotional budget but gets on quietly and successfully.


  3. Unmanageable debts bring nothing but misery. We’ve been there and came out the other side! At first taking on debt seems like a good idea, then things change and it becomes a struggle then – hey presto! – consolidate why not? Then things change again – the letters start arriving, the phone calls, the sleepless nights, the CCJ’s.
    It’s very a very long job paying them off!! It’s enough to turn your stomach!


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