Loving the leftovers

Hello Dear Reader,

Christmas lunch was lovely and everyone was well fed.

I buy the little foil dishes, ten for a pound from pound land. I’ve frozen portions of turkey in gravy, pigs in blankets, cauliflower cheese, cooked veg and gravy. We’ll eat this as r day meals over the week.

I’ve also plated up four roast dinners, two for tomorrow night and two for Tuesday night. I do like a microwave ready meal after work and after a dark drive home.

The Christmas decorations went up yesterday and will be taken down and packed away 

I like Christmas to be a one day affair and I’m sure many of us can remember when it was. Tonight, after a busy day and much washing up, I’m enjoying cold roast potatoes and the best leftovers ever of the wine we we brought as a gift.

Thanks for the good wishes xxx

Until tomorrow,

Love Froogs xxxx


19 thoughts on “Loving the leftovers

  1. Oh wow, christmas decorations only up for one day! It took me most of the day yesterday to get things out and dress my trees and they will be up until New Years eve, we don’t have lots but i do like to see them out. I am curious as to why you bother if you are only going to have them up for one day?
    We are having dinner at my eldest daughters this year so i won’t be doing much extra shopping, or cooking for that matter 🙂


  2. we don’t put decorations up until the Monday before Christmas and they come down before new year. We have guests from a local residential home and they love them. My lot wouldn’t bother but ” the lads” love them.


  3. I also like things plain and uncluttered, thankfully my husband and my boys are the same. On the 23rd December we put up a tree in our living room and a small one in our dining room and I always have a bowl of early flowering spring bulbs on the hall table over the Christmas period and then once they have flowered they can be planted in the garden. As for wall and ceiling decorations and other bits and bobs, we never bother. We have friends and neighbours whose homes are decorated from wall to wall and ceiling to floor with tinsel and baubles etc and their decorations seem to be up for weeks! I would have a constant headache if I was surrounded by all of those decorations, (Maybe I’m a bit anally retentive lol)


  4. Those foil trays from Poundland are amazing! On the rare occasion that we have a takeaway I save the foil trays from that too. I also find that they are the perfect size for making crumbles in, then cooking straight from the freezer when the time comes 🙂


  5. I so agree about decorations; here in Australia all that tinsel and glitter just looks gaudy (to me anyway!). I find the whole thing overwhelming but must admit I am looking forward to going “home” to Scotland for Christmas and New Year – first time since 1977 although I have returned at other times of the year. Do you send cards? I’m trying to stop this but some people are quite miffed about the idea! Best wishes for a healthy and happy 2017.
    SueH Perth, Australia


  6. Thanks for the freezing tip, I will definitely be doing that! Your 1 day Christmas decorations made me chuckle. My. Dad used to say “up on 23rd, down on 27th” and now that all but one of us has left home (and he’s 21) they don’t bother at all ha ha. It must have back-fired though because my husband and I are obsessed with Christmas decorations. Up the first Sunday in advent! The kids love it! We don’t go all out for presents, we try to balance spending with donations and get the kids involved; but we do love the decorations 😂😂


  7. I’ve loved seeing your early Christmas lunch posts, Froogs! Could I ask you to do us a quick post running through how you did all that preparation the night before? It would really help me to be able to cook most of the special things the night before, like the stuffing balls and the pigs in blankets etc…but I wouldn’t know how to keep them all nice and how long to reheat them on the day itself? Your experience is just what I need! Cheers, Sarah


  8. I love those foil trays. My husband left at the end of July and financially it has been a huge burden for me. Initially I found cooking for one difficult and ate terribly the first.month. Now, at the start of each month I cook four portions of a meal I know I enjoy and divvy them into those tray, zip lock bag them and freeze them. I just pull one out at night and leave in the fridge for the next day. I only need to do one grocery shop with top ups for sandwiches and fruit. It has made a big difference to my budget to bulk cook this way.


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