Christmas Day tomorrow 

Hello Dear Reader,

It’s Christmas Day in our house tomorrow. We’re having turkey crown, pigs in blankets, roast potatoes, braised spicy red cabbage and onions, cauliflower cheese, gluten free sage and onion sausage balls, Brussels sprouts, carrots and peas. Dessert is either raspberry Ethans n mess or Christmas pudding and cream or custard. All homemade. Two turkey crowns for £14 are the major expense. I’m feeding eight for about £30. 

The decorations are up, the table is laid and we’ll spend the day with family and extended family tomorrow. I hope my photos show that you can have a proper Christmas lunch for £3.75 each. 

It’s been a long day getting it all done but it I’m really looking forward to last oking after everyone tomorrow.

Until then,

Love Froogs xxxx


21 thoughts on “Christmas Day tomorrow 

  1. Have a Wonderful Christmas day tomorrow with your family & friends. Just like you I like to prepare the day before, makes for a relaxing day. ENJOY


  2. I have put up my Christmas tree to cheer myself up. Have a stonking cold. Everyone make sure you wrap up warm!!!! Enjoy the lovely dinner Frugs.x


  3. You certainly have been busy—it all looks and sound perfectly lovely. Tomorrow would be too soon for me, but only because I have more to do. I just recovered from Thanksgiving, so am not quite ready for Christmas as yet. I’m sure you will have a great time with family tomorrow. Enjoy!!


  4. I remember the year we had Christmas day a week late. Our son was only little and had a miserable cold and bad chest. We were bad with colds too and I was worn out looking after him.
    We all stayed in bed and celebrated a week later. it was magic,not least that we were all better, but that we were all more relaxed and ready to celebrate.


  5. Whatever the reason for having your celebration this weekend, it makes perfect sense to have it on a different date if there are scheduling conflicts, etc. I have several friends who got very tired of trying to fit in both sides of their family on Christmas Eve/Christmas Day. They now see other family members between Christmas and New Year’s and it works out brilliantly. Much less stress and rushed travel on the holiday itself. Hope your celebration goes well. Food looks lovely.


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