Sums up his time of year

Hello Dear Reader,

I’m really struggling with the lack of light at this time of year. I comfort myself with the knowledge that the light returns on the 21st of December and then, day by day, the days get longer.

The dog walking is done in the dark.

We drive to and from work in the dark.

I sit and work in the evening in the dark.

Twenty days to go……….and counting 

My dark nights end early as the gloomy days exhaust me.

Until tomorrow,

Love Froogs xxxx


18 thoughts on “Sums up his time of year

  1. I used to feel the same when I was commuting, working all day, hardly seeing the sun. You might want to check out SAD light boxes (10 000 Lux), mine helped me and my husband over those darkest months. You could use one while working, reading, sewing etc. Now I am a stay-at-home mum I enjoy being able to use those precious hours of daylight and sunshine.


  2. I also struggle with the darkness. It sounds like you have Seasonal Affective Disorder. Try buying a Full Spectrum Light designed to counter this. Then you sit in front of it for a bit in the mornings. (Right now, I’m doing 30 min. in the mornings) I eat brkfast in front of it, & also read. Maybe you could check out Amazon or similar for one of these lamps.


  3. I was always happy when I was still working that so many houses here are decorated for Christmas with colored lights and various other outside ornaments. I used to drive about 50 minutes home from work, and October and November were dreary indeed until the Christmas lights came on. We turned ours on last night for the first time. We just outline the front porch with lights and have an upper porch where there is a lighted Santa. We used to do more, but that’s enough these days. We have yet to put up a tree, but it’s actually early for us, and maybe we will do it this weekend, and maybe not. I should start wrapping gifts too–it takes absolutely forever. My daughter and granddaughter are very artistic and every gift must be beautiful and have ribbons as well. It’s not my forte but I’ve learned from them and do a passable job these days.


  4. Due to a most unexpected and gracious gift on January 4 I will be leaving Australia to visit England, France and Switzerland for a very short time. I will find out how your manage to live in the cold and dark.


  5. Have you tried taking D3 for that? It does wonders for me to get the sunshine vitamin boosted back up. Try 3-4 thousand units and up it if you need to.


  6. Your pic does indeed say it all! It’s a tough time of year. The sun lamp/ panel might not be a bad idea, You can have it directed towards you when you’re working/marking/sewing (might be a bit more tricky when walking the dogs!!) They are not super expensive. I’m thinking of getting one for my Dad who is 94 and doesn’t get out much in the winter.
    Soon be Christmas!


  7. Big Hug to you. On my way to Plymouth next week. Will think of you as always, when I cross the bridge to go to sleep each night. Not too long until you go on your latest adventure. My Hubby has severe SAD and I got him a desk lamp from Lumie. Helps keep the blues away. Worth saving for. Very reliable and they are a local company to me. It has lasted 15 years so far. They also have repaired it once when I knocked it on the floor – cost just the labour – couple of hours. Consider investing in one. Desk lamp is the most practical.


  8. I also indorse the SAD lamps…seems like a gimmick, but it worked very well for me…10 to 15 minutes first thing in the morning and I felt much better. They even rent them here is northern Canada. Hope you turn the corner soon.


  9. Love this time of year. It’s my time for rest and a chance to recharge the batteries. Being a smallholder the spring/ summer / autumn days are long with various jobs to be done. Nice to be all finished by 5pm and spend the rest of the day pottering about with kids or baking/ jam making or just putting the feet up by the fire. Won’t be long now till a stretch in the evenings.


  10. I suffer too, especially since I’m now indoors so much. Can I be the umpteenth person to recommend a SAD lamp?
    Mine was bought for me as a gift and has changed things hugely.
    Like you I count the days to solstice, constantly doubling to arrive at the number of days until we’re back here but headed to the light!

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  11. I have also been using special lights; but I got full-spectrum “reptile” bulbs that fit into a flourescent fixture I had already. They were much cheaper (here in the States) than the SAD boxes. There are also plant full spectrum light bulbs, but they are more expensive than the ones sold for reptiles, and seem to be the same thing. I installed them in my office and in the kitchen at home over the sink, and they made a world of difference, in terms o0f less eye strain, much better mood, and no more headaches! Bought the bulbs for my aged parents who also reported success after usage. There are regular lightbul


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