Buy nothing day

Hello Dear Reader,

You joined me with Stoptober when we had a fiscal fast together so Buy Nothing Day will be a breeze. We buy second hand, rummage through jumble sales, drive round to pick up that recycled fridge someone gave away on freeads and gladly accept bits and bobs people don’t need. We are doing our bit for the planet as well as our pockets.

I’m not shopping in the 25th…….it’s likely you won’t either. 

Buy nothing day, here I come xxxx


11 thoughts on “Buy nothing day

  1. I’m with you on this one! I loathe the whole “Black Friday” ethos, and hate the way it’s taking over. Even where I live, in rural Spain, it’s rearing its ugly head 😡😡😡


  2. What is especially ridiculous this year, here in the USA,is that “Black Friday” sales have be on since the end of OCTOBER! @@ My list remains paired down this year, and much has been ordered on line, taking advantage of seasonal, including BF promos. I stay as far away from the shops as I can. I do not relish the hustle the craziness.


  3. Its’crazy I work in retail, you have to take a different way of looking at Christmas and black Friday. I do all my festive shopping in September my freezer is full of prepared food by the end of October, so when theses mad expectations of retail are given to the people who think that they are getting a bargain, I can come home and spend time with my family not worrying about having to go out to the shops to buy gifts. I know people think that all these sales and special offers are a waste of time but it keeps me in a job, yes we have to put up with extremely rude people, but every once in a while you get some one who you only see once a year they pop in and they buy their clothes because this is the only way they can afford something new. It’s called Ballance”black and white” Ying and yang” xxxx


  4. I thought “black friday” was just an American thing, the day after our Thanksgiving! I’m sorry they exported it to the UK. We don’t shop or go out that day. I refuse to participate in a created mass marketing holiday. We do most of our shopping online as prices are less or comparable and free shipping deals save me gas. What I don’t buy online is bought for great prices at Aldi which is 3 blocks away. Of course second hand is best, and that is always resourced first! I really hate all the holiday shopping hype, so many loud, annoying ads are horrible. I keep the tv off and read or work on projects, aka home sewn gifts. A home made quilt or pair of pj’s is always appreciated! I’m with you, no shopping Friday!


  5. Count me in. This is easy for me. I have never been sucked in by the whole Black Friday thing. Tomorrow will just be another Friday in work earning and not spending haha


  6. Totally with you on this one. It is obscene to see people fighting and so keen to get their hands on the must have purchase. Half of the world lives on less than a couple of pounds a day, do not have access to clean water or a toilet. Lets become the change we would like to see in this world.


  7. Sorry, I couldn’t join in as I was at the Knitting & Stitching Show with my mum and far too many lovely quilting fabrics! Not quite the same as being sucked in by Black Friday nonsense though.


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