Mustn’t grumble

Hello Dear Reader,

Oh I can’t settle myself at the moment. I made the backing for my quilt yesterday, laid it out today and it fits just fine. At the next opportunity, I’ll fuse the layers together and get the quilt quilted. It’ll take me a weekend but the weather has become really wintery so a weekend of sewing in the warm will be just fine.

It’s less than a month until we’ll be back in Huelgoat. Both of the films were made by someone called Mike Fairfax who mounts a dashboard cam in his car and then films his journey. The first is of a trip round the tiny village and the second is my journey from the main road, from where I turn off and then into the village and follow the one way system.

We’ll be there on the 17th of December and I hope you’ll join us. Some of you, based nearby in France are more than welcome to come on over for a cup of something mulled and a mince pie, gluten free of course.

I really must get on with some quilting.

Until tomorrow,

Love Froogs xxxx


11 thoughts on “Mustn’t grumble

  1. I can feel your anticipation and joy at looking forward to going. It’s lovely that you share this with us, especially as everyone is so gloomy. Hope is a great thing.xx


  2. Now you’ve got me thinking how hard it must be to drive on the left for the first few journeys over there … and as for getting to the first roundabout on the journey …. that would throw me !!


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