A happy mess

Hello Dear Reader,

It’s been ages since I’ve done any sewing and I have two quilts to back and two to finish. As I you can see from my happy mess, I do a bit of French, a bit of sewing and then a bit of sewing. When I get the bit between my teeth, I can and do get loads done. 

I want to get a king sized quilt done, backed and quilted  before Christmas. You think it’s a mess now, just you wait!

Now, I must get back to something constructive as I like to be busy.

Until tomorrow,

Love Froogs xxxx


11 thoughts on “A happy mess

  1. I understand. My daughter has bought me flights to England and then on to France and Switzerland. We leave 4/1/17 and I don’t have much in the way of winter clothing. I live in humid subtropical Australia. I figure if I leave with a pair of jeans and a wool skirt I shall be fine. I should be able to buy winter underwear etc more easily in England than here.I am going to have to tackle socks, gloves/mittens and hat before then. My needles will be going over time. I also have no French but my girl is a French teacher. I am going to try and extend what little I do know before we go too.

    I would love to see the finished quilt.


  2. It doesn’t look messy. It looks very organised and productive. I would love to learn to quilt. I’m just getting confident with sewing in a straight line!


  3. I’ve been using an app called Duolingo as I fancied learning a bit of Italian. The app does other languages I’m a fair way in and it’s still free. Might be a worth a bash as a different angle on learning French.


  4. Can’t wait to see the finished quilt(s)…I’ve never made one but maybe one day…
    To Linda who commented above :~ I just started learning Swedish with Duolingo, I think its a great fun way to learn and amazingly FREE! I have to smile, it says I am currently ‘14% fluent’ haha
    A little way to go, then ; )


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