That’s Christmas sorted!

Hello Dear Reader,

The photos above were us celebrating Christmas in a rented gite last year. We bought a house on the 21st December, went back with the keys and started cleaning and painting. We had the water turned on that day, the electricity the next and the following day BUT arrived with our electrical goods. We took the day off on Christmas day and went out for lunch with neighbours and then went back to the UK a few days later. This year is going to be whole lot more relaxing.

Today, I wrapped the presents for the four people we buy gifts for. The turkey, beef and pork is in the freezer. The cake and pudding has been made. This morning, I sorted through our Christmas decorations so I can downsize and give three quarters of what I have away. I found all my well used gift bags, which we use instead of wrapping paper, the cards I bought on sale in January and wrote out cards ready to post. We will do Christmas with our family on the first weekend in December where I will cook lunch for everyone. It’ll be lovely. I even enjoy prepping the vegetables the day before, making custard and icing my cake.

A couple of weeks later, when the term ends, we’ll head to Brittany for a well deserved break in the very quiet village Huelgoat. It will be our first Christmas in our own home. Whilst we’re there, we will get out for walks, visit friends and places and generally recharge our batteries.

We celebrate Christmas our way, quietly with a nice meal, a pud and a bit of cake. No fuss and no need to buy much or over eat. It’s just the way we like it.

Today, I got the last few bits done and it’s good to be ready.

Until tomorrow,

Love Froogs xxx


13 thoughts on “That’s Christmas sorted!

  1. Hi Froogs, I hope you have a wonderful Christmas. Perhaps you have written about this before, and if so please point me in the right direction. How did you take the plunge to retrain? We have 3 children (our beautiful girl was a surprise) they are nearly 7,5 and 3. The cost of childcare is too prohibitive for me to go back to work until little one is in full time. I volunteer at our Church, including leading a toddler group. I enjoy being at home but don’t want to be tax credit dependent for any longer than necessary. Also my pension has gone to hell in a hand basket and whilst we are fortunate to have an emergency fund, we don’t exactly have any savings worth shouting about. We’re very fortunate. My husband landed a government job so his wage us good enough, the sick pay alone is a massive reassurance (not that he’s needed it, but you know what I mean). We bought bug on our house but use it as a tool, so out children share rooms. We have a lodger and a room to host students. However, the hubby works shifts, so me going back to being a mental health professional would be too chaotic with no family to help out with the kids. I’m thinking TA or part time admin. I ALWAYS wanted to be a teacher, but family discouraged me and as I have paid off my student debt I don’t fancy any more. Admin would be easy to fit round the kids, but not as interesting. On the other hand TA positions are so competitive. I know that you have walked in similar shoes, any advice, tips or previous posts would be welcome. Thanks in advance. Enjoy the festivities and praying that you have a safe journey to France x


    • Hello lovvie – do you have an honours degree in a main subject such as science? You can go back to train to be a teacher with that. Research the options as there are many of them. I worked in care work for years before teaching, then worked as a teaching assistant. I took an Access course in the evenings whilst working in the day then went to University at 33, graduated with a double English degree with honours and then trained as a graduate teacher which meant I did all my teacher training in school and was paid whilst I trained. I’ve worked full time as a secondary school English teacher ever since.


      • Hi That’s a great idea. My degree is in Politics but I didn’t realise you could train whilst TAing so that’s definitely worth looking into. Thank you x


      • You would/could train whilst working as a teacher. I did my access course in the evening whilst working as a TA in the day. If you have A level English, you can go on and train to be an English teacher for example. Copy and paste the following, it’ll show you just an example of how to get into teaching

        Good luck


  2. Normally by this time I too am organised but this year we are moving.We were hoping to be in our new home before Christmas but early January looks more likely. We have cleared one room and are using to store boxes as we pack. Our built in oven is relatively new so I am not using it now so it’s nice and clean for the new owner and we are using the combination microwave as our oven and have the hob and that works really well ,the slow cooker is amazing too. I must admit I have missed making the cake and pudding and the mince pies for the freezer but preparing for the move is priority. We will still enjoy our Christmas on a budget as this is our first year on a pension and hopefully the new year will be a good one in our new home with new challenges.Hopefully Lidls can provide us with a decent cake and a mince pie or 2 !


      • We once had Christmas in January as my boys spent it at their father’s and my husband was working offshore on an oil rig We had a great time and bought everything in the post Christmas sales. I spent Christmas Day by myself, lunch was a sandwich , a box of chocolates and a small bottle of wine, it didn’t matter as I had our special day to look forward too!


  3. Your Christmas sounds lovely and relaxing!

    I love preparing for the festivities. To-date, I have: made the Christmas cake; been stocking up on ‘extra Christmas food’ i.e., oatcakes, pickles, white vinegar to make pickled eggs etc.; made a list of festive activities to go in the advent calendar for the children; started looking for greenery to make a wreath; organised Secret Santa for my family (this has seriously reduced gift giving and ensures everyone gets something they’d like); and asked our children to choose their gifts using “something you’d like, something you need, something to wear and something to read” which has kept gifts to a minimum and made them think really hard about what they’d like. It’s also meant that I’ve been able to tell their grannies and uncle what they’d like and this has resulted in me spending very little on the boys. This saving will help towards a family holiday in the spring.

    I’m not as organised as you as my gifts aren’t wrapped yet but I’ll get to that in early December!

    It does feel good to know that most of the Christmas spending is done.


  4. Sounds like a perfect Christmas to me. I absolutely hate all the consumerism and seeing people in the supermarkets with trolley’ s piled up with food , most of which will be thrown away. It also annoys me seeing overflowing bins post Christmas. If I was able to I’d disappear somewhere quit and isolated the second week in December and not come back until after New Year. I don’t spend a lot at Christmas and have long since stopped buying presents for family members that we only see at weddings and funerals.


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