Hello Dear Reader,

Before you get excited, we didn’t go to a castle but we did go for a walk to the outside. On the approach you can get glimpses of castle but you’ll have to wait until April to see it as it’s closed until spring. 

Lostwithiel is such a lovely little place and known for antique shops and places to eat. We like to go to the flea markets (indoor carboot sale) in the community centre. I’ve been informed that the community centre is currently closed as it’s in need of essential repairs to make it safe. I hope it opens again. 

It’s a forty minutes walk to and from the castle and we then had a walk by the river. If you can get there in the winter, it’s quiet enough to walk round and enjoy it. As you can imagine, it gets busy with visitors when it’s warmer.

I don’t know what this hedge is but I thought it was very seasonal. If you know, let me know so I can seek one out at the plant sales to give my garden some winter colour.

The river Fowey. I love the river bank and the last autumnal leaves just about hanging on. In the winter, this river can flood and houses near by have been known to fill with blood water. 

The walk to the castle is along a really pretty lane. It was popular with joggers, cyclists, dog walker and forms part of a circular walk.

If you’ve never visited, do try, it’s such a beautiful little town. Click on the link for a look at Lstwithiel.


Until tomorrow,

Love Froogs xxx


5 thoughts on “Lostwithiel 

  1. We love Lostwithiel. My crocheted blanket was from the little cafe/craft shop there. I’d love to live in the houses by the river side! We always try to visit when we’re down that way. I saw Dawn French in the Deli there last year!!


  2. Lostwithiel is a gem, and so is the castle…I can remember walking around the high board walk which goes just inside the top near the turrets. My husband had vertigo, but the kids loved it! Exciting!


  3. well thanks to you and your blog we will be debt free this month, paid off car credit cards and a loan in total 30k. it has taken 4 years and we will pay are house off next thank you sooo very much x

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