Well worth fifty quid!

Hello Dear Reader,

The vets bill was just under fifty quid. On Tuesday, Bobby Dazzler looked as if he was on his last legs but a check up and some anti biotics and he’s a lit brighter.

He’s worth every penny.

I’ve had the little fluff for ten years and let’s hope I’ll have him for a bit longer.

Until tomorrow,

Love Froogs xxx


22 thoughts on “Well worth fifty quid!

  1. What a little cutie I am so pleased he is feeling better. I completely agree with the first comment you can’t put a price on fur babies. I once spent just shy of 1500 Euros rescuing a very unwell wild cat I fell in love with whilst on holiday abroad, and 2 weeks after her arriving in the UK another £400 for a tooth extraction and treatment for an infection. She’s been with us 2 years now and was worth every penny. Considering everything she went through she is the most loving, gentle cat you could ever wish to meet. Much Love Maria xxx


  2. He looks like my dog, she is a cross between a west highland terrier and a poodle.
    Dogs make a home, would not be without mine.

    Glad bobby is on the mend.


  3. So glad to hear that Bobby Dazzler is on the mend!! They are members of our families, aren’t they?It wouldn’t be the same without them.


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