Cold, hungry and in a hurry

Hello Dear Reader,

Did any of you see the super moon? Not a whiff of it here as we’ve been covered in clouds and up on the high ground where we are, we’ve had fog on our way to and from work. Winter is really setting in now and I felt really cold this evening.

Our old dog Bobby Dazzler is sick and we’ve been at the vets with him. He’s ten years old and getting a bit cranky but he’s still our Bob and full of character. 

By the time we got back from work and then back from the vets it was late and here are the leftovers I threw together.

Cook some pasta.

Slice a leek, chop two slices of bacon add to a hot pan and sauté

Chop two cooked sausages and add to the bacon and leeks.

Add two heaped tbsp of cornflour and combine, add 100g of grated mature cheddar and 500ml of milk.

Stir until the cheese sauce has thickened.

Add the cooked pasta.

Eat in front of the fire in your Pyjamas and have an early night.

Until tomorrow,

Love Froogs xxx


12 thoughts on “Cold, hungry and in a hurry

  1. Sorry to hear that Bobby is sick, hope he’s better soon. Here in Australia it was also too cloudy to see the super moon – disappointing! My favourite dinner if we’re in late is just an egg on toast, it does the job and is super quick.



  2. No we didn’t see the supermoon here in East Anglia either 😦
    Poor little dog, hope he’s better very soon. Its horrible to see them unwell.
    I haven’t commented much as I had trouble logging into WordPress, but I got it sussed now.
    I do enjoy reading your blog and about good old Liskeard!


  3. Get well soon, Bob! Sounds like a delicious throw together dinner.

    We are covered in smoke from the wildfires in the North Carolina mountains here in the southern USA. The moon was back there all hazy in the smoke.


  4. I am sorry your boy is sick.

    I did get to see the supermoon. I saw it rising while I was out walking and later in the evening too. I think the view of it was better last night. It didn’t look too different in size but the light was bright.


  5. We had a few nights of glorious viewing. I didn’t even try to take a picture-some things just are good for memories sake. Hope the little guy perks up. I love pasta dishes, as my behind will tell you, but adding a bulk of vegetables, is redeeming. Your dinner looks yummy.


  6. Very comforting looking….
    Leek question – I see you use them a lot, do you keep them whole until use or do you wash & prep to cook and store in the fridge?


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