A historic day and a wall

Hello Dear Reader,

Today, I’m going to remember this day is history where a wall came down.

I remember watching this and had such great hope for the future.

I’m always hopeful.

I love the story of the wall coming down and a ‘joyful reunion’.

Until tomorrow,

Love Froogs xxxx


9 thoughts on “A historic day and a wall

  1. Thank you for this- I remember the total disbelief and hope of that day.How good to remember things that join people together rather than the all the hate and suspicion of the last few months.Donald Trump won’t last forever thank goodness


  2. I watched it then and cried. I watched it today and cried. The sheer joy has not diminished with time. Thank you for this wonderful reminder.


  3. I, too, remember that wall coming down. How wonderful. But this year’s November 9th – Americans will remember waking up to find the vile Trump elected president. Pray for us behind his wall.


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