A big thank you xxxxx

Hello Dear Reader,

Thank you so much for joining in with the November, 30 items in 30 days for your local Foodbank. If you look up the foodbank in your area, you’ll be able to find out what they are short of. Here in Liskeard, they are short of tinned meat and tinned fruit as well as fruit juice and you can drop off at the collection points in the Co-op and Morrisons. Here’s the link https://www.trusselltrust.org to find collection points in your area. 

I found the tinned pies, tinned ham and hot dogs in Poundland and they were much much less than other stores, it also meant that I could buy more with my food budget. 

I’m hoping to collect as much as I can and really appreciate every single person who’s donated so much as a packet of tea. If you’d like to join in with the November or can share, tweet or promote this with the hashtag #30dayfestivefoodbank.

Thanks everyone, I really appreciate everything you’re doing to help xxxx

Until tomorrow,

Love Froogs xxxx


12 thoughts on “A big thank you xxxxx

  1. I will do my best. I do give every Christmas and whenever possible. Will check out my local Trussel Trust collection point. X


  2. Frug’s – I missed this, but added 10 advent calendars to my regular donation to our local food bank, and like you said, I check their website for what they are short of just before I do my shop – so sad it’s needed, but it’s important to help, you never know when you might need help too x


  3. I get as much as I can at Aldi, as it makes my dollar go further. My local food bank is specifically asking for bar soap, paper products, dishwashing detergent, and feminine supplies. Most people seem to think about food items, not these, others, so these are what I’m going to be concentrating on.


  4. I don’t have an awful lot in the way of spare money but am aiming for 50p a day. So far we have pasta twists, pasta sauce, a bag of rice, and 3 packs of curry flavored noodles. Youngest son (9 years old) has been telling anyone who will listen about the challenge and has decided to use half his chore money each week to buy his own donations to take in at the end of November. Thank you for using your blog as a platform to encourage people to donate. We have decided as a family to use a few pounds a week from the family food budget specifically for donations permanently not just for November xxx


  5. My mum gives regularly to her local food bank so I give my bits to her however I have been meaning to sign up for regular donation and your post gave me the nudge to do this so thanks very much. I find this easier for me because I then don’t have it to spend


  6. I collect my Sainsbury points and use them at Christmas to get food for the food bank. My Tesco points I use to get my breakdown cover. Emergency cover for all…….

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  7. There is a regular food bank in France: Restos du Coeur, founded by the French comedian Michel Colucci, better known as Coluche, They ask for donations of food etc which you pay for and then leave in a special trolley at the exit at big supermarkets, then it is collected and distributed by volunteers. There is also a similar scheme for pets. It’s a great scheme and works well – so easy to slip some goodies into the charity trolley each week while shopping. The only gripe is that the supermarkets benefit from sales, but it is now law that unbought food is given to charities so I guess it balances out.


  8. Thankyou so much for highlighting this especially the need for toiletries. I volunteer at my local food bank and have learnt so much.
    One of the first people I dealt with was a young woman who had nothing with a young baby, her delight at receiving a clean toothbrush was unmeasurable.
    Thankyou x

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